Martin Luther King

In today’s society few people, if any are held in higher regard than Martin Luther King. Only two human beings are honored with their own National Holiday, Jesus Christ and you guessed it Martin Luther King. Washington and Lincoln don’t have their own day anymore, and Columbus although lucky enough to have his own day it isn’t considered a big enough day for the schools to be adjourned.

His womanizing and communists beliefs are no secret yet they may as well be because of the media blackout on the subject. What needs to be understood is although communism in our time is one thing during the “civil rights movement” it was the height of the cold war and Vietnam and who were we fighting? Communists. It was the most traitorous un American stance that could’ve been taken and he did it with pride. I urge my readers to follow the link and delve into the well documented facts, and let the truth speak for itself.

Truth Starts Here

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