The Greatest Tragedy of the 20th Century

Upon reading the title of this post I imagine some of you are thinking WWI or Vietnam etc, but I would venture to say the vast majority of you are thinking the holocaust. This doesn’t surprise me of course because I not so long ago would’ve probably said the same thing. Growing up in government schools today it’s kind of hard not to because they beat it into your brain at every available opportunity.

The vast majority of my peers would tell you that WWII was fought primarily to rescue the Jews from concentration camps. This has always bothered me because it’s the same crowd that says the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War) was fought over slavery. Aside from being absurd this is also sad and dangerous how mislead our children are.

It is impossible for me to say how bad the holocaust actually was. I wasn’t there nor was anyone I know and furthermore every book written on the subject is by a Jew, or Gentile but based on the finding of Jews. It is the equivalent of a Colts fan writing every article in every paper and magazine about last years Super Bowl, clearly upon reading it you would think that it was the greatest Super Bowl ever yet how can you know for sure when everything is written by such a biased source?

I don’t deny that the holocaust happened. I do question it’s severity however. There are too many inconsistencies and the minds of people today automatically shutdown whenever they hear or read anything about the holocaust. I don’t believe it is right either to put people in jail today as they have multiple times for just questioning aspects of the holocaust. To me that is far to 1984 for my tastes. The sign that hung over Auschwitz originally claimed that 4 million died there then about 20 years ago it was changed to 1.5 million. My question is how if that is the case can you still have a figure of 6 million total in the holocaust?

The purpose of this post originally was not to confirm or deny aspects of the holocaust but to open peoples eyes to what can only rationally be called the Greatest Tragedy of the 20th Century. That is the onslaught of millions at the hands of Jewish communists. Communism to date is the most vicious and deadly ideology the world has ever seen. It is estimated by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation that roughly 100 million people have been murdered since the creation and under the banner of communism. In light of this regardless if it’s 6 million or 3 million that died in the holocaust it pales in comparison to 100 million over the past 80 years. This is the root cause of my anger towards the outpouring of sympathy towards the holocaust. All I crave is justice, I have always wanted things to be fair. I don’t believe it is fair that the holocaust gets so much attention in school when over 20x the number died at the hands of the Jews and its a near blackout.

I will leave the research side of it to you. There is a plethora of information out there on the holocaust and a decent amount on the crimes committed by the communists. My hope is that you found this post informative and eye opening, as was it’s intent.