The US Now Classified as an Endemic Surveillance Society

In a recently release report, Privacy International ranks the United States of America as an Endemic Surveillance Society. This happens to be the highest ranking as well as the same ranking as Communist China, Russia, Thailand, Singapore and a few others. The following is an excerpt from their findings on surveillance in the US.

  • No right to privacy in constitution, though search and seizure protections exist in 4th Amendment; case law on government searches has considered new technology
  • No comprehensive privacy law, many sectoral laws; though tort of privacy
  • FTC continues to give inadequate attention to privacy issues, though issued self-regulating privacy guidelines on advertising in 2007
  • State-level data breach legislation has proven to be useful in identifying faults in security
  • REAL-ID and biometric identification programs continue to spread without adequate oversight, research, and funding structures
  • Extensive data-sharing programs across federal government and with private sector
  • Spreading use of CCTV
  • Congress approved presidential program of spying on foreign communications over U.S. networks, e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, etc.; and now considering immunity for telephone companies, while government claims secrecy, thus barring any legal action
  • No data retention law as yet, but equally no data protection law
  • World leading in border surveillance, mandating trans-border data flows
  • Weak protections of financial and medical privacy; plans spread for ‘rings of steel’ around cities to monitor movements of individuals
  • Democratic safeguards tend to be strong but new Congress and political dynamics show that immigration and terrorism continue to leave politicians scared and without principle
  • Lack of action on data breach legislation on the federal level while REAL-ID is still compelled upon states has shown that states can make informed decisions
  • Recent news regarding FBI biometric database raises particular concerns as this could lead to the largest database of biometrics around the world that is not protected by strong privacy law

Here is the link Privacy International

Get Your Head Out of the Sand the North American Union is Real!

I’ll be honest it thoroughly pisses me off to hear people refer to the merging of Canada the US and Mexico into one centralized body as a far out conspiracy. It seems like daily you here some CFR tool or some uninformed pawn act like people such as Ron Paul are kooks for believing we are taking massive steps toward losing our national sovereignty. It’s amazing to me that even though the information is readily available people still choose not to seek the truth. Here are several videos as well as links that prove my point and I encourage you to share them with as many people as you can, your freedom and our very country are at stake.

Stop the SPP and NAU
Stop the NAU

Ron Paul’s Answer to the “Conspiracy” of the North American Union

I’m sure many people wonder why on nearly every internet forum there seems to be a plethora of Ron Paul supporters. They probably come off as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists sometimes but I believe this is with good reason. If you have never researched the CFR, NAU, Bilderberg group, trilateral commission etc. you would think these Dr. Paul supporters are indeed crazy. I can assure you however that this is not true and there is real cause for alarm. Ron Paul is the only voice I have heard at a national level speaking out so loudly against the institutions that threaten our national sovereignty. It is time to wake up and realize that the plans to create a NAFTA superhighway, and eventually a North American Union aren’t ramblings from lunatics but are all to real. It is time to take a stand and vote for someone that speaks the truth for a change.

**Edit** Randy brought this to my attention Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America which ties in well to this article which was put about by the CFR Building a North American Community for any of you who would still consider this to be a conspiracy.