How Mitt Romney Wins Straw Polls

In my quest to bring you the truth I think it’s my duty to present everyone with a video that came across my gmail.

This bothers me on several levels, one being that Ron Paul supporters are always made out to be a swarm of people who vote several times on all these online polls, when the majority of them you are only able to vote once per IP address or phone number. I believe Dr. Paul has some hard times ahead. It’s never easy when the democrats are scared to death of you, the republicans are scared to death of you, the Federal Reserve is scared to death of you, and the media is scared to death of you. You never get a fair shake and there is a multitude of powerful people in the groups mentioned. No matter how it goes down though the good Dr. can count my vote even if he doesn’t win the primary he will be my write in, in big capital letters RON PAUL.

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