Global Warming/Climate Change

There are few things you hear more about these days than global warming. It seems like every company is doing their own research on how to become more “green”. “Global Warming” however is just a big deception. Sure the world has heated up by 1 degree over the last hundred years but there is no proof that it is due to man’s intervention.

Your guess is as good as mine as the motives behind the people cramming this bunk down your throat. Somewhat of a “conspiracy theorist” myself some things that pop into my mind are, that it is people who want to limit developing countries and hurt capitalism, people who want to unite the people of the world to fight a common enemy in order for us to swallow the North American Union, Amero, NWO bs, or people who just simply want to make big bucks through fear mongering and loads of “research”. It could be a combination of all these or none of them I suppose but there motives definitely aren’t clear.

Believe it or not there is a wealth of information about the fallacies of “global warming” online, however that is completely different than what ANY mainstream news outlet would lead you to believe. Here is a link that I hope you find very informative in your quest for the truth. Global Warming is a Farce

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