2 thoughts on “ILLEGAL Immigrants

  1. You do realize of course that when you put a link on your page like Stormfront, you lose all credibility of being an intelligent person. It leaves the impression that you are either yourself racist, a high school drop out (or still in high school, from the South, plain ignorant, or, I assume, all of the above. I could be totally wrong though, but again, your links section proves otherwise.

  2. What has your experience with Stormfront been? You read somewhere that they are a racist/antisemitic website? I don’t agree with everything that floats around Stormfront but it does happen to be the biggest website that promotes pride in the white race. It does bother me however that you bring up the credibility issue since in a website such as this it is crucial. I hope you will think for yourself and make an assessment of Stormfront based upon that.

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