Mike Huckabee’s Son Admits to Brutally Killing a Dog

Here is a bizarre and sick story that was just brought to my attention. Mike Huckabee’s son brutally killed a dog by hanging it up slitting it’s throat and stoning it to death. Now as horrific a picture as that is, it was Huckabee’s son and not him. If that had been the whole story I might have been able to let Huckabee slide, however that isn’t the whole story. Here is an excerpt from Newsweek

John Bailey, then the director of Arkansas’s state police, tells NEWSWEEK that Governor Huckabee’s chief of staff and personal lawyer both leaned on him to write a letter officially denying the local prosecutor’s request. Bailey, a career officer who had been appointed chief by Huckabee’s Democratic predecessor, said he viewed the lawyer’s intervention as improper and terminated the conversation. Seven months later, he was called into Huckabee’s office and fired. “I’ve lost confidence in your ability to do your job,” Bailey says Huckabee told him. One reason Huckabee cited was “I couldn’t get you to help me with my son when I had that problem,” according to Bailey. “Without question, [Huckabee] was making a conscious attempt to keep the state police from investigating his son,” says I. C. Smith, the former FBI chief in Little Rock, who worked closely with Bailey and called him a “courageous” and “very solid” professional.”

I do find it ironic that I write about Huckabee then this gold mine lands in my lap the next day. It just goes to show that Huckabee really is a typical politician prick and not some great Christian man. None of the current political lineup with the exception of Dr. Paul can stand up to any investigation into their past. Here are the links for anyone who cares to learn the truth about Mike Huckabee.

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