Soldiers Endorsment of Dr. Ron Paul

In this clip a former US Army SGT served in Afghanistan and the current Iraq war speaks very clearly about our current crisis. This is straight from someone who has been there and it is a powerful testimony.

When I talk to people about Ron Paul they say predominantly that he has a lot of good ideas but he is wrong on the war issue. They think that he won’t fight terrorists, they don’t know that he DID vote for use of force in Afghanistan. He has gotten more donations from active duty military personnel than any other candidate combined
so I think that should speak volumes for who they want to be their Commander and Chief. I told my sister about Ron Paul and at first she told me the same thing that she didn’t really like his stance on the war. Her husband is a Captain in the USMC and has served in Desert Storm (enlisted) then as an officer in Afghanistan and Iraq. I sent my sister the videos from youtube that explain Dr. Pauls positions and explains that he is against the current Iraq war because the president does not have the right under the Constitution to declare war and that we went in because Saddam violated UN sanctions. After watching those videos within a day they both were fired up about Ron Paul they have both already voted for him and she sent out an email of all the youtube videos to the 70 people in her contact list. I can assure you that active duty military as well as veterans such as my father like Ron Pauls message of non interventionist foreign policy.

Just in case you haven’t seen on Ron Pauls website there is an endorsement page and he has hundreds of endorsements from the military. I value the opinion of military personnel very much because their lives hang in the balance depending on what actions we decide to take in our foreign policy, that is why I couldn’t be happier that we both endorse the same candidate, Dr Ron Paul.

Veterans Supporting Ron Paul

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain

I will be honest in saying that I have never cared for John McCain. I have always found him to be far to liberal for my taste and he comes off as a typical neo con. McCain wouldn’t even be on the map if it wasn’t for being a POW, which in all seriousness I’m sure was hell. My heart goes out to veterans that had to endure things that most couldn’t even imagine. This is why I get pissed when I find out that these people come back and piss their honor away for the sake of political gain. My father is a Vietnam veteran and it is a brotherhood of people who served together and I can assure you that they would like nothing more than to see a fellow vet get into the Whitehouse, that is why it speaks volumes when these great men speak out against the turncoat that was once their brother. This is well organized website that includes videos and documents exposing the harm that Sen. McCain did when he began playing the political game.

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain

Dr. Ron Paul Needs YOU!

The GOP presidential race is coming to a climax, it started out with 11 men vying for the republican nomination. That list has been whittled down to 5. The media never gave Ron Paul a second thought but (to their dismay) he has defied the odds just being in the race until this point let alone 2 second place finishes (Nevada and Louisiana)and the massive donations he has received . My home state of Florida votes Tuesday and I am doing everything I can to get the word out about Dr. Ron Paul I have passed out several hundred multi page flyers and in the next few hours with the help of a couple friends and my girlfriend I am going to pass out over 1000! This is the least I can do for a man who has spent a good portion of his life fighting the good fight against big government bureaucrats.

I think Dr. Ron Paul has a chance, he has the cash on hand unlike Giuliani or Huckabee the latter of whom can’t even pay his own staff he’s so broke. He has massive grassroots support unlike any other candidate, and he has integrity and a past which can’t be shot full of holes unlike EVERY other candidate.

I am passing out these flyers for one simple reason whatever happens this Tuesday in Florida and whatever happens on Super Tuesday I want to be able to sleep at night knowing that I did everything possible to get Dr. Ron Paul elected. I don’t want to lay in bed having Ron Paul finished second and have to wonder if I had just gone out and spread the word if that would have given him the bump he needed. I know I am just one person and can only do so much, but I have already turned probably 20 of my friends,family and co workers on to Dr. Ron Paul. That is a least 20 votes he will receive just from me and I am one person, if 10 people could do the same it would be 200 votes and if 100 people did it then it would be 2000, that is getting into single digit percentages for a whole state, pretty significant for only 100 dedicated people.

I believe everyone knows how important this election is and that is why all over the country nearly every state is having a record turn out at the polls. The majority of people though do not know much about Dr. Ron Paul. They only hear the negative spin about him that the media puts out and that he is a long shot candidate. They don’t realize he has gotten second place in 2 primaries, or that he raised 20 million dollars last quarter.

I am asking that you after reading this article go out print 50 flyers from Dr. Paul’s website and put them on peoples windshields at parking lots or stick them in the flags of their mailbox. If you support Dr. Ron Paul then please do not sit on the sidelines get out and do your part to spread the word. This is America and by God we need to follow the constitution which is still the rule of law.

Help Take Down Scientology!

I have put up several articles, websites, and videos of this dangerous cult. Now people all over the internet are engaged in the systematic destruction of Scientology. People have finally reached their limits with the CoS and are doing everything they can to bring it down, here is a video which declared war on the CoS.

This seems to be the HQ for everyone waging this war.

War HQ

I urge everyone to become involved and send the message that you value freedom of speech, the time to take a stand is now.

How Will Dr. Ron Paul fix the Economy?

Every knows that the economy is in dire need of serious revitalization to say the least, most presidential candidates however either don’t mention the negative or if they do they pull a Hussein Obama and just say it’s time for change 6 billion times a speech without offering a plan to fix it.

This is one of the many things that separates Dr. Ron Paul from the rest of that typical Washington politician crowd, he offers real answers and has for decades. Here is a report just released in which Dr. Paul outlines 4 things that need to be done immediately in order to starve off economic ruin.

How Strong is China?

Here is an article put out by the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies where it outlines Chinas military strength. These are some figures from the article.

– The size of the Chinese nuclear arsenal is about 400 warheads.
– The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is moving toward an overall reduction and reorganization of personnel and equipment with the goal of creating a more modern and mobile army. In 2000, the total estimated personnel strength of the Chinese military is 2.5 million.

It is a decent length article that is informative and interesting.

Foreclosure of a Nation

It’s no secret that the US is in trouble on many different fronts. The dollar is at an all time low the stock market is beginning to tank, the housing market is in the toilet all over the country, mortgage foreclosures are happening in record numbers, jobs are being outsourced, we are fighting a war with an undefined enemy, our freedoms are being taken way under the guise of terrorism, our government run schools are performing below the rest of the developed world, because of our foreign policy we are resented throughout the world, and to top it off there is a very real chance we won’t have our country as we know it in 25 years with the CFR pushing the North American Union where we will be merged with Mexico and Canada and share a currency, the Amero.

These problems are compounded because before when we were going through difficult times there were no other countries ready to take us over, now China is a power house economically and militarily. They have hacked into our Defense Department computers, shot down satellites and have 2.5 million man army. There is reason for alarm. It isn’t a time to just sit back watch the playoffs and think that nothing will happen. There have been chicken littles claiming the sky is falling since the dawn of time I’m sure, but the facts are clearly laid out for everyone to see.

Below is a report by Laurence J. Kotlikoff for the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve. It is titled Is the United States Bankrupt? I will warn you, it is very somber and the message grim but it is extremely important you read, understand, and share it with your family and friends. There is more commentary on the article here which is also a good read. (Although I don’t agree with socialized medicine) It is important to note as well that the only candidate who addresses these issues routinely is Dr. Ron Paul.

Thank You Nevada!

I just wanted to extend my deepest thanks to the Battle Born State for bringing Dr. Ron Paul a second place finish. Tonight you are my favorite state in the union! Congratulations and thank you to all the Ron Paul supporters that organized events, waved signs and spent your time and hard earned money giving Dr. Ron Paul his best finish so far.

The GOP Canidates on Immigration

Just to clear things up and show how everyone feels about immigration, in their own words.

Giuliani – “Illegal Immigration shouldn’t be a crime”
Romney – “I don’t believe in rounding up 11 million people and forcing them at gunpoint from our country”
Huckabee – “I just don’t think it’s realistic to say were going to round up 12 to 20 million and were going to put them across the border”
Thompson – “Look, it’s just not realistic that were going to round up 20 million people and ship them out of the country”
Mccain co sponsored the Bill in order to grant AMNESTY to ILLEGAL aliens so there is no doubt where he stands on this issue.

I urge everyone to find out EVERYTHING there is to know about your candidate before you cast your vote.