Huckabee “CFR a lot of good people”

In this video (with poor sound) Huckabee says that the CFR is full of good people including a close friend of his Richard Haas. He says that they have good ideas etc. As everyone who has researched the CFR knows they do not have good ideas for America, they are the global elite one world government crowd, they are the same organizations who are creating this North American Union. They are the organization who put out this article Building A North American Community. So just ask yourself, is Huckabee really the best candidate to run this country? Do you want someone who is going to sell us down the river to the bankers and the one world government crowd?

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8 thoughts on “Huckabee “CFR a lot of good people”

  1. I think Huckabee is a two faced guy,great video comment.I even placed this on the blog, with extra comments about , ,if you cant see the link is also viewable

  2. He is hardly endorsing the CFR. He’s actually acknowledging that there are concerns about it, yet saying that there are some decent people who take part in their conferences. Period.

  3. Arlen what are you talking about? Don’t you know that Richard Haas, the president of the CFR, is Huck’s foreign policy advisor?

    What more of an endorsement do you want from Huck?

  4. arlenwilliams, I think at this point in time it is apparent that the CFR has been fleecing the American people out of any real democracy for many years. Don’t you now find it alarming that Huckabee’s good friend Mr. Haas sits in the very same seat Dick Cheney sat in? Seems like nothing more than a changing of the guard to me. The Cheney master Bush puppet regime has gotten too “hot” to handle, and now its the Haas master Huckabee puppet dynasty. I see the huckster and his CFR cohorts as nothing more than a PR stunt. A new face to the same old exploiters.

  5. Huck is also a HUGE JACK BAUER fan.

    He loves torture and Chuck Norris films that waste 100 brown people every scene.

    Ron Paul* *CFR FREE

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