Foreclosure of a Nation

It’s no secret that the US is in trouble on many different fronts. The dollar is at an all time low the stock market is beginning to tank, the housing market is in the toilet all over the country, mortgage foreclosures are happening in record numbers, jobs are being outsourced, we are fighting a war with an undefined enemy, our freedoms are being taken way under the guise of terrorism, our government run schools are performing below the rest of the developed world, because of our foreign policy we are resented throughout the world, and to top it off there is a very real chance we won’t have our country as we know it in 25 years with the CFR pushing the North American Union where we will be merged with Mexico and Canada and share a currency, the Amero.

These problems are compounded because before when we were going through difficult times there were no other countries ready to take us over, now China is a power house economically and militarily. They have hacked into our Defense Department computers, shot down satellites and have 2.5 million man army. There is reason for alarm. It isn’t a time to just sit back watch the playoffs and think that nothing will happen. There have been chicken littles claiming the sky is falling since the dawn of time I’m sure, but the facts are clearly laid out for everyone to see.

Below is a report by Laurence J. Kotlikoff for the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve. It is titled Is the United States Bankrupt? I will warn you, it is very somber and the message grim but it is extremely important you read, understand, and share it with your family and friends. There is more commentary on the article here which is also a good read. (Although I don’t agree with socialized medicine) It is important to note as well that the only candidate who addresses these issues routinely is Dr. Ron Paul.