Soldiers Endorsment of Dr. Ron Paul

In this clip a former US Army SGT served in Afghanistan and the current Iraq war speaks very clearly about our current crisis. This is straight from someone who has been there and it is a powerful testimony.

When I talk to people about Ron Paul they say predominantly that he has a lot of good ideas but he is wrong on the war issue. They think that he won’t fight terrorists, they don’t know that he DID vote for use of force in Afghanistan. He has gotten more donations from active duty military personnel than any other candidate combined
so I think that should speak volumes for who they want to be their Commander and Chief. I told my sister about Ron Paul and at first she told me the same thing that she didn’t really like his stance on the war. Her husband is a Captain in the USMC and has served in Desert Storm (enlisted) then as an officer in Afghanistan and Iraq. I sent my sister the videos from youtube that explain Dr. Pauls positions and explains that he is against the current Iraq war because the president does not have the right under the Constitution to declare war and that we went in because Saddam violated UN sanctions. After watching those videos within a day they both were fired up about Ron Paul they have both already voted for him and she sent out an email of all the youtube videos to the 70 people in her contact list. I can assure you that active duty military as well as veterans such as my father like Ron Pauls message of non interventionist foreign policy.

Just in case you haven’t seen on Ron Pauls website there is an endorsement page and he has hundreds of endorsements from the military. I value the opinion of military personnel very much because their lives hang in the balance depending on what actions we decide to take in our foreign policy, that is why I couldn’t be happier that we both endorse the same candidate, Dr Ron Paul.

Veterans Supporting Ron Paul