The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm (The Hegelian Dialectic)

1) The government creates or exploits a problem blaming it on others
2) The people react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights
3) The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis

Think this is a new scheme? It goes back all the way to 37BC.

Here is a list of all the historical evidence of Problem Reaction Solution.

We Already Have A One World Government

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant the general population is. I don’t have hard numbers but I’m certain in excess of 80% would deny that we have a New World Order or A North American Union. When you can find a plethora of evidence to the contrary by just doing a simple Google search.

So when are you going to wake up and admit that the NWO is here an not just something that tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists discuss? We have a World Bank, a World Trade Organization, a World Health Organization, and at the head of the beast you have the United Nations. What is missing? Nothing. You have a full blown one world government. The United States is the strongest nation on the face of the earth and it takes marching orders from the UN. So clearly you can see who really runs the show. The US submits itself willfully to the UN even though without the US the UN would have minimal military might.

So where is there hope when our own country, the last super power, gives in like a child? The hope lies with us. The citizens of the United States, we are one of the last countries where we can still own firearms. There are 80 million or so people in the United States that own firearms and that is far more than whatever the UN could drum up. So I urge you to hold on to your God given right to protect yourself and protect your family. Don’t give up your guns. We have strength in numbers and it is our sacred duty to provide a life for our children where they can grow up free from government oprresion and tyranny.

I will leave you with a few quotes from Thomas Jefferson.

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

“What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?

Eustace Mullins: The New World Order (Video Series)

Eustace Mullins is the last living protege of Ezra Pound, the author of the only book burned in Germany since Hitler (a burning under the direction of Americans) and a former researcher for Joseph McCarthy. He’s known almost everyone on the American Right for the last 50 years, and is one of the most hated men in America in some circles. He belongs to no group, espouses no movement or party and doesn’t give a damn what you think of him. I found an affable 80 year- old man with a healthy sense of humor and a keen love for Liberty. These are videos of an interview done of him in which he explains the New World Order and how we let our country slip away.

USS Liberty Attacked By Israel

So what exactly makes Israel our ally? How much money in aid to they send our way? From 1949 to 1997 we sent $84,854,827,200 to Israel. (I guess all that lobbying AIPAC does pays off) So what do we get in return? Well for starters we go broke and to top it off they attack one of our ships killing 34 and wounding 173. To put that in perspective in the USS Cole bombing we only lost 17 and had 39 injured. With friends like Israel who need enemies?

ECHELON – The Most Secret Spy System

The following is a History Channel video regarding ECHELON and the complex system throughout the world that monitors every cell phone call, fax, email, Instant Message, land line call, radio, satellite transmission, and short wave radio transmission on the planet. Proof that this whole domestic spying thing is nothing new.

Echelon – The Most Secret Spy System

How To Piss Off A Muslim

They don’t like it whenever they see a picture depicting Mohammad? Well I don’t like it when they call for the heads of school teachers who name stuffed animals Mohammad, or when they drag our soldiers bodies through the streets like in Fallujah or Mogadishu. So if this picture offends you and you don’t wanna see it anymore I’ll tell you what you can do, print it out, roll it up, and shove it up your ass!

Pat Buchanan Pulls All The Stops

This is a magnificent article regarding race from former Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan.

How would he pull it off? I wondered.

How would Barack explain to his press groupies why he sat silent in a pew for 20 years as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright delivered racist rants against white America for our maligning of Fidel and Gadhafi, and inventing AIDS to infect and kill black people?

How would he justify not walking out as Wright spewed his venom about “the U.S. of K.K.K. America,” and howled, “God damn America!”

My hunch was right. Barack would turn the tables.

Yes, Barack agreed, Wright’s statements were “controversial,” and “divisive,” and “racially charged,” reflecting a “distorted view of America.”

But we must understand the man in full and the black experience out of which the Rev. Wright came: 350 years of slavery and segregation.

Barack then listed black grievances and informed us what white America must do to close the racial divide and heal the country.

The “white community,” said Barack, must start “acknowledging that what ails the African-American community does not just exist in the minds of black people; that the legacy of discrimination — and current incidents of discrimination, while less overt than in the past — are real and must be addressed. Not just with words, but with deeds … .”

And what deeds must we perform to heal ourselves and our country?

The “white community” must invest more money in black schools and communities, enforce civil rights laws, ensure fairness in the criminal justice system and provide this generation of blacks with “ladders of opportunity” that were “unavailable” to Barack’s and the Rev. Wright’s generations.

What is wrong with Barack’s prognosis and Barack’s cure?

Only this. It is the same old con, the same old shakedown that black hustlers have been running since the Kerner Commission blamed the riots in Harlem, Watts, Newark, Detroit and a hundred other cities on, as Nixon put it, “everybody but the rioters themselves.”

Was “white racism” really responsible for those black men looting auto dealerships and liquor stories, and burning down their own communities, as Otto Kerner said — that liberal icon until the feds put him away for bribery.

Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America.

Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to.

This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.

Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream.

Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks — with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas — to advance black applicants over white applicants.

Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.

We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude?

Barack talks about new “ladders of opportunity” for blacks.

Let him go to Altoona and Johnstown, and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for “deserving” white kids.

Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America? Is it really white America’s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?

As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena. And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago.