Boycott Absolut Vodka

If that ad doesn’t piss you the hell off something is wrong with you. Our nations sovereignty is being trampled on and now we are supposed to kiss ass to a bunch of drug running spics? The hell with that this is OUR country it is OUR ancestors who died to keep our borders secure and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit idly by watching my country be raped and the spineless politicians turn the other way. This is a war! Illegal Immigrants kill over 50 innocent Americans every single day and what do we do? Sit at home being dumbed down by the TV, watching American Idol and football? Way to go America, just sit there and watch your country be thrown away, I hope you can look your children and grandchildren in the face whenever they come to you in 30 years and say “why didn’t you do something before it was to late?”

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