The Queers Are Far More Dangerous Than Any Other Group

There are few groups that I fear and despise more than fags. They are an abomination and engage in heinous acts while polluting our society. If you aren’t scared of the power these queers wield you should be, and I’m not just talking about them spitting on you in public or infecting you with AIDS in a blood transfusion, although this is what the article is about.

“For the crime of writing a politically incorrect article on homosexuals, AIDS, and blood donations — see “Offensive” Gay Blood Donation Ban Could Be Overturned Despite Aids Risk

— Prison Planet editor and writer Paul Joseph Watson is coming under fire in his native England.

As Alex Jones explained on his radio show today, Watson faces potential arrest and prosecution for reporting the news that homosexual activists “are trying to get a ban overturned on accepting blood donations from gay and bisexual men in the UK because it is ‘offensive,’ despite the fact that such a change would increase the risk of HIV infection by 50%, in the latest example of political correctness lunacy that is endangering society,” as Watson wrote on April 15.”

Full article here.

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