FLDS Defends Themselves Against Tyranny

The government swarmed the Texas FLDS compound after a negro woman called in an anonymous tip saying she was a 16 year old and that their was molestation going on inside the compound. The government descended upon these innocent people just like they did in Waco. They went in with a tank and kicked down doors taking children away from their mothers. Now the FLDS are fighting back online by documenting their side of the story with pictures and video. I urge everyone to check out their site and think for yourself not what the Zionist controlled media tells you.

Captive FLDS Children

4 thoughts on “FLDS Defends Themselves Against Tyranny

  1. “Negro” … did you say “negroe”, you know you can’t say that.

    we’ve all been taught. now you want to get independent and start thinking.

  2. I am not the most politically correct person in the world and a born again Christian to boot and I would not use a term for ANY race or religion that I knew would be considered hurtful or insulting to them.

    I suspect that by you using the term “negro” that you might just “happen” to be Mormon or a member of some offshoot of Mormonism. I know that Mormons in years past had a less than favorable opinion of black people(one of the MANY Mormon doctrines that have changed over the years) .

    Don’t condemn those in authority who were trying to stop something that is legally and morally wrong. They have shown nothing but respect and compassion for the residents of Yearning for Zion.

  3. I think it is a little bit of a stretch to say that they have showed nothing but respect and compassion for them. I am not a Mormon, however when I see the government descend on compound of law abiding citizens in this manner it gets my feathers ruffled. They went in Waco style armed to the hilt against a bunch of people who are not so different in lifestyle than the Amish.

    They took over 400 children away from their parents and placed in state custody. Today there is still a large number of them separated from their parents.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not saying the officials shouldn’t have investigated a molestation claim however they descend on these people like they are members of some suicide cult and that is how the media portrays it. When in reality they are peaceful people who fled to Texas in the first place because of persecution.

    As to the word Negro, that is how I refer to blacks. I mean no disrespect to them that is just how they have been referred to in my family and how I will continue to refer to them.

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