The Low Down on High Oil Prices

It is one of the main concerns facing people today, rising gas prices. You hear stories about it daily on every news channel and it seems like everyone has a theory as to why we are getting raped at the pumps. Some claim it’s the lack of refineries and we haven’t built a new one in 50 thousand years or so. Others say it’s the oil companies gouging the hell out of honest Americans because they are having record revenues. There are a million different reasons people toss out there on the radio at the workplace etc. All of them are just BS.

I will tell you why gas as well as everything else is high right now and after I tell you I expect you to spread the truth like wildfire to everyone you know, call in to radio talk shows, write your congressman or put signs up at gas stations because what I’m about to tell you is that important. Gas prices are high because the dollar is steadily decreasing in value. This is due to the careless way in which the Federal Reserve runs our economy. I have found several articles and videos that will help you understand these concepts far better than I can explain them.

The first article: Economics 101: The Price of Gas
The second article: Why Gas Prices Rise as the Dollar Falls

And last a video which I have posted before which explains why the dollar must be backed by Gold. If it isn’t which is the case today you have the problems we face today. Like Dr. Ron Paul said. “If you look at every problem we’re facing today its because for the lack of rule of law and the constitution.”

When the founding fathers set up this country the explicitly said only gold and silver can be legal tender, now we have a piece of paper which is no different than monopoly money.

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