John McCain Panders to Mexicans

That’s right John now in Espanol. Last time I checked this was The United States of America, the hell with people living here whose primary language is Spanish. If you don’t speak English you don’t need to be voting in our elections. In fact you should get the hell out period unless you speak English. I’m sick of walking through a store and some fat pregnant wet back talking in Spanish to someone on the phone. We are far to tolerant, we bend over backwords for minorities who have no right to be here in the first place. We ought to lynch any politician who votes for amnesty for these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and John McCain should be the first up the gallows.

If you are considering voting for McCain in November I urge you to reconsider, to sit back and think for a second. Ask yourself did my ancestors give their lives so that we could be invaded by Mexico while I sat idly by?

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