6 thoughts on “Exposing Obama

  1. Don’t you get it? As long as jews are in charge, anything blacks do is right and anything Whites do is wrong.
    Welcome to Amerikwa.

  2. Hm. I truly tried to see the point of this conservative perspective on Barak Obama. I did get his connection to radical authorities, but then look at Bush! Isn’t Bush a form of authority? Bush has had “experience” before entering office but ended up being one U.S.A.’s worst presidents.

    If they wanna throw stereotypical propaganda, then I can just dismiss this video because it was created by “Illuminati”, the global business power. These are the people who’ve had a tight reign on this planet for quite some time now.

    My son is Muslim (I am not) and I hardly think he’ll want to terrorize anyone, but my heart. Teachers tell me that he’s full of joy and will “give the shirt off his own back” for others. This video alone was racist. There was exposure on Mr. Obama’s mentor, but it wasn’t anything radical. There was anger and pain. That news reporter is knowingly an aggressive attacker, so I didn’t blame the Minister for his retaliation. The reporter then glees as he takes the “under-spoken victim” approach.

  3. Brandon I do not support Bush in any form or fashion. There is zero difference in Democrats and Republicans I would think by this point that would be abundantly clear.

  4. B U L L S H I T !!!!
    Even a 10 year old kid wouldn’t suck this.
    U didn’t invented internet ,u invented the narrow mindedness.
    U R just an republican jackass.
    Like any of Bushes were better.
    Or Clinton, if any Clinton is good it’s got 2 be George Clinton & parliament funkadelic .
    how can’t you see that it doesn’t matter who is the president.
    it’s always the same, little people will always take it up the ass, ultra rich will always get even richer, big corporations and federal reserve bank(owned by few people whoe sit in shadow) will always pull the strings of who ever you elect 2 be the president (if that isn’t fixed 2) so your barack obama,george bush,clinton & others R nothing more than bunch of marionets . do you think that schwarzeneger is guverner because of his great political skills .
    the people don’t care or they are occupied with life and work,hooked on TV and most of them R like sheep’s ,first goes somewhere and the other’s follow ,they don’t know why but still they follow.
    be smart!

  5. Wow, Ronald you certainly are quite a brain trust aren’t ya. I love the complete sentences and everything, what a piece of work.

  6. yea i agree with Ron, i’m not being a follower. but because Ron and i have the same views.

    Its NOT the guy on the stage (president) doing the work. It’s the people in the back room who are writing his script and making him work (the elites)
    Think of our world like Civilization, the player (the elite) is pulling the strings, the people can’t see this because your units in the game, Civilization can’t see you from the monitor screen.

    when you realize this, your perspective of life can change.

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