Message to Obama Supporters

I know all of you have rallied behind Senator Obama and take a deep sense of pride in accomplishing what some thought was the impossible. I know many of you have good hearts and want to change Washington around. Here are some things I think you will agree with me on, me being a Constitutionalist and you a Liberal.

1. I don’t believe we should be fighting this war on terrorism with no end in sight especially while our own borders go unprotected.
2. I am appalled by the erosion of our personal freedoms since September 11th.
3. I am disgusted by the way the Federal Reserve has run roughshod with our currency, devaluing it to the point where all imports but especially oil is putting a deathgrip on the finances of most Americans.
4. I am sickened by the way the media goes along with the status quo and blocks any voices of real change like Dr. Ron Paul.

I speak to you in this letter mainly about number 2 on the list. As I’m sure you all know Senator Obama voted in favor of the FISA Act a few days ago. This has caused a chasm to be torn in the democratic camp, as it well should. I know many of you have stood up and said that this issue is a big enough deal that the Senator will lose your vote over. Which brings me to the crux of this post. There are other candidates out there who are aligned with your point of view. I urge you to look at casting a vote (writing in) Dennis Kucinich for example. I say this to you not because Rep. Kucinich is my candidate of choice but because I believe he is a straight shooter who isn’t in the hands of the lobbyists. In the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine Obama claims that the lobbyist have a stranglehold on Washington, however he failed to mention that he promised AIPAC, the Jewish lobby which is the 2nd most powerful behind AARP in Washington that he would do EVERYTHING in his power as President to ELIMINATE the Iran “threat”!

Nearly 3/4 of the American people disapprove of President Bush and who is leading the charge to impeachment? Dennis Kucinich! I believe he is a man of uncompromising principles who sticks to his guns regardless of popular opinion.

To sum it all up I believe this is a year for change, a major shift to third parties. It has become apparent that there is no distinction between Democrats or Republicans. As you will remember Democrats were elected to Congress in 06 for one simple reason to END the Iraq war. What have they done absolutely nothing they go along with the Neo-Con war machine and continue to fund this endless war. Then someone comes along who talks a real good talk but when it is time to act he falls short voting to legalize domestic spying on US citizens. A gigantic step towards an Orwellian police state.

I will never support a Neo-Con war monger like John McCain. I am casting my vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party knowing full well that he won’t win the election but I can tell my children that I voted on principle and not popular opinion.

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