Preparing for the SHTF

In these uncertain times here are some links to supplies for a shit hit the fan scenario. Feel free to add your own to the comments section and I will integrate it to the list.

General/All Purpose

Walton Feed:

Emergency Essentials:

Frugal Squirrel:

MRE Depot:

Survival Unlimited:

Honeyville Grain:

Happy Hovel:

Safe Castle:

Survival Acres:

Harvest Foodworks:

Mountain House:

Freeze Dry Foods:

Just Tomatoes:

USA Emergency Supply:


Emergency Essentials:…=22&image1.y=5

US Plastics:…duct%5Fid=9746

Gamma Seal Lids:…ammaseals.html

Mylar bags:

Frugal Squirrel:

Sorbent Systems:

Emergency Essentials:…er+for+Buckets

Survival Unlimited:

Oxygen Absorbers:

Sorbent Systems:

MRE Depot:…l?sfs=f7d4e189

Honeyville Grain:…ROD&ProdID=309

How to:

Walton’s Self reliance page:

Oxygen absorbers:

Dry Ice:…eservation.htm