US Troops in Georgia From Jul 15 – Aug 8 2008

US Troops in Georgia From Jul 15 – Aug 8 2008

Photos and descriptions of Joint exercises in the republic of Georgia, known as “Operation Immediate Response 2008”. Immediate Response 2008″ at Vaziani Military Base
Soldiers and Marines from the United States, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Ukraine conduct joint training exercise “Immediate Response 2008” at Vaziani Military Base in the Republic of Georgia and the surrounding area. The state of Georgia is represented by the 1st Battalion, 121st Infantry, headquartered in Winder, as well as members of the 122nd Rear Operations Center from Glenville. “

This ‘training exercise’ took place at the Vaziani Military Base, and was to run for 3 weeks from July 15th, Until roughly August 8th, which is precisely when the fighting broke out.

And who happened to predict this 6 years ago? Dr. Ron Paul.

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