Police recruit volunteers to spy on Neighbors via CCTV

A very Orwellian story from Britian.

“The unpaid surveillance team are needed to help Dorset Police spot any troublemakers by watching the output from 26 CCTV cameras across North Dorset. The “community-minded volunteers” will be able to take control of cameras, point them in the direction of any incidents and liaise with police sent to the scene.

They will watch for any suspicious behaviour from their base at police station control rooms in Shaftesbury, Gillingham and Blandford.

Inspector Phil Cheverton, section commander for North Dorset, said: “Although crime is low within the North Dorset area, CCTV has made a difference in both prevention and detection of crime.

“Having the ability to monitor the cameras at peak periods will provide added value to policing, which helps us to maintain a very low crime level here.”

But Gareth Crossman, director of policy at human rights group Liberty, said: “The police should remember that all CCTV operators need to be properly trained and accountable as footage is subject to data protection laws.

“CCTV has some limited crime detection use but doesn’t stop offending.

“Studies show that the most effective way of curbing crime is regular, consistent police patrolling and good street lighting.”

Volunteers are on duty for a maximum of four hours a week on a rota basis, including weekends.”

Full Story Here

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