Understand the Bailout

The events taking place in the financial market offer an illustration of the soundness of the Austrian theory of money, banking, and credit cycles, and Mises.org is your source not only for analysis of these events but also the economic theory that helps explain what is happening and what to do about it. There are many thousands of articles available, and also the full text of thousands of books as well as journal articles. It is impossible to draw attention to the full range of literature one can use to understand the crisis.

However, below we offer a brief look into the topics most discussed in these times, with extended treatments of each in the sidebar. Mises.org also offers both a blog and a community forum for reading and discussing them all.

It’s never been more important to spread a sound view of money and banking, not only as a protection against the fallacies of “stabilization” and “reflation” but also as way to see what kind of reforms are essential now.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Housing Bubble

Inflationary Finance

Community Reinvestment Act

Short Selling

The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle

Who Predicted This?

What To Do

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Stop The Housing Bailout


We the people have stopped this “housing bailout” AKA Socialism for the greedy. This is only the first step but it is a big win for the people of this country, this has scared big bankers stiff, the thought that big Brother won’t come to their aid and perpetuate the irresponsibility of Wall Street has them mortified as they should be.

It is imperative that we continue to call fax and email our Representatives and let them know they are committing political suicided if they vote for ANY BAILOUT no matter the size.

Who Predicted This Depression Over 2 years ago?

Well Ron Paul did for one but in this interview on Fox news Peter Schiff is ridiculed big time for his assessment of the US economy namely the housing market. His assessment turned out to be spot on. People can turn a deaf ear to the truth for only so long but eventually people will realize maybe there are much deeper problems that the US economy is facing than what is being discussed in the papers or on the radio. Peter Schiff has a better handle on the economy than just about anyone I have ever heard and I think it is prudent to watch his videos and take the red pill.

Chuck Baldwin Money Bomb Friday (9-26)

Chuck Baldwin has been officially endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul! Tomorrow is scheduled to be his biggest moneybomb yet. If you haven’t already please donate what you can to Chuck Baldwin the Constitution Part candidate for president. Even if it is only 5 bucks (less than 2 gallons of gas) it can go a long way in helping us turn this country around and take it back down its intended path. In these dangerous economic times more people will come to realize the truth about the behemoth which is the US government, now is the perfect time to help spread the word to a country looking for guidance.


RealID Has Begun

The sheep still continue to graze and act like nothing is going on, nothing is happening, all the while they are being led into a smaller and smaller cage with less freedom all the while. When will you take a stand against tyranny? When will you take interest in these current events? Now is the time to take action, turn off your radio and TV’s they can no longer be trusted. This isn’t a conspiracy!!

It’s the Derivatives, Stupid! Why Fannie, Freddie and AIG Had to Be Bailed Out

This is the most common sense in depth explanation I have read thus far regarding our current economic crisis. If you read one thing about the economy this month let it be this!

It’s the Derivatives, Stupid! Why Fannie, Freddie and AIG Had to Be Bailed Out

“The answer may have less to do with saving the insurance business, the housing market, or the Chinese investors clamoring for a bailout than with the greatest Ponzi scheme in history, one that is holding up the entire private global banking system. What had to be saved at all costs was not housing or the dollar but the financial derivatives industry; and the precipice from which it had to be saved was an “event of default” that could have collapsed a quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble, a collapse that could take the entire global banking system down with it.