2 thoughts on “Full Video of the Ron Paul Press Confrence 9-10-08

  1. As a Ron Paul supporter and “free thinker” as he encourages, I happen to disagree with his foreign policy views. I think both militarily and politically It would be much better to simply espouse a return to the level of engagement with our military to that of the Reagan era. For example as Buchanan has enumerated on many occasions there’s no good reason to ever expand NATO beyond the former lines which separated NATO from the Warsaw Pact nations. In other words meddling in Russia’s back yard is counter-productive. Also would think twice (in the name of global stability) before abandoning our traditional allies in the Far East (South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Phillipines, ect…)

  2. Of course nothing happens overnight including a military withdrawal from a country. What does happen overnight is the backroom deals with the neocons and their wars based on lies. So apparently the sheeple prefer nuclear war with Russia and/or Iran over someone who, even if he got elected probably would only accomplish 1/100th of his goal to reduce the size of government and reign in spending. This is the uphill battle Reagan referred to.

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