Where Do You Draw The Line?

Make no mistake, the economic and political realms of our country are headed for all time lows. We have never as a country seen the overall outlook for the future look so bleak. We have also never seen such a complacent group of people who call themselves Americans. Time after time the government has crossed the line sometimes masking their perversions behind a series of smoke and mirrors such as the 911 attacks leading to this endless war on terror as well as complete erosion of our civil liberties. Other times however which is the case of this bailout they thinly veil their atrocities. Fear is their greatest weapon and it has been very effective.

When will YOU draw the line? When they used your labor to give 250 billion dollars to AIDS in Africa? Whenever they inflate the currency at over 10% per year so no matter how much you save or how much your house appreciates you still come out behind long term? Whenever they send your sons to die protecting other countries? Whenever the law makers are such clear puppets of international bankers that they will go against the will of the people just to please them? All of these heinous acts and 1000’s more have been committed by the behemoth we call the Federal Government.

How far will you let this country go until you take an active role in getting it back to its roots? Lyndon LaRouche believes we should all be outraged at this bailout even suggesting that this is the time for violent Revolution.

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