Who Runs the Federal Reserve – Jews

by Ian Mosley

Ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve system in 1913, EVERY SINGLE CHAIRMAN of the Fed, without exception, has been Jewish. That tradition has continued in the appointment by President Dubya of Ben Shalom Bernanke (Yes, that’s his real middle name) as successor to Alan Greenspan.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of the Federal Reserve in maintaining the Judaic control not only of our American economy and politics, but the economy and statecraft of the entire world. Very few people in America even understand what the Federal Reserve is, despite the fact that every single dollar bill in their wallets bears the description “Federal Reserve Note.” Many people think that they are working to earn “American money” or “U. S. dollars” and that the green pieces of paper in their wallets are in some way connected with the United States or backed by the United States government. They are not. They are Federal Reserve notes–PRIVATELY printed money issued under contract to the U. S. by a JEWISH controlled corporation.

Federal Reserve notes are not backed by gold, silver, or any other precious metal, as was the case up until 1934 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt recalled the last of the gold certificates. People sometimes wonder why the United States even bothers to maintain a gold reserve at Fort Knox. Simple–it is to keep gold out of the hands of the people. The last year any American coins contained silver was 1964.

The Federal Reserve and the Jews who control it have their claws in a stranglehold around America’s throat. They alone decide how much money will be in circulation, hence the rate of inflation. They alone decide on prime interest rates, hence the power to inflate huge multinational banks and financial institutions with obscene profits or send the American economy crashing down into a depression with a few taps on a computer keyboard and a public announcement. The mighty Stock Exchange itself is nothing but a toy balloon on a string for the Jews who run the Federal Reserve; they can manipulate the market and stock prices at will and pop the balloon any time they want.

America will never be truly free until the Federal Reserve and the Jews who control it have been brought down and replaced by a genuine national currency backed by precious metals or some other benchmark of real-world value.

3 thoughts on “Who Runs the Federal Reserve – Jews

  1. I have just learned all this thru other sources and cannot believe. Federal Reserve is illegal and must be disbanded.


  3. Your statement that “EVERY SINGLE CHAIRMAN” of the Fed was Jewish is demonstrably false. Paul Volker was born to a Lutheran mother and Episcopal father. William Martin was christian and even considered a career as a minister in the Presbyterian church. Marriner Eccles was born in Utah and attended Brigham Young. And that’s just the ones for whom I did a brief check; several others I couldn’t find any reference to their faith. Yes, there’s a number of Jews among the chairmen. just as there are Jews in the restaurant business and the computer business and in most any large company…because, like any ethnic group, they exist.

    Your hatred of Jews has so blinded you that you’ll make statements like the above despite documented facts to the contrary. Someone will one day have to chisel or construct your grave marker. He may be Jewish, too. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

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