EU Calls for One World Government

For years now people such as G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Eustace Mullins, and countless others have been warning everyone that the endgame of those in power is a one world government. Today it is not even kept under wraps anymore, the term “New World Order” which undoubtedly still conjures up pictures of tin foil hats in some peoples minds is now thrown around by some of the most powerful officials on the planet. We will have a one world government there is no doubt of that. However it is your duty to become informed and inform those around you so when the time is right, we the people can do what is right.

A good start would be to vote third party in this election, don’t choose between to globalists who are in it for big banks choose someone who will truely bring jobs back to America by kicking out the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and sealing our borders, repealing NAFTA and CAFTA, and reducing the amount of government robbery of the citizens.

These videos clearly show the EU is pushing for the next step in World Government you need to spread these videos around the net and expose these Globalists for who they are. This isn’t just some conspiracy!