ExxonMobil The Great Satan?

You would think so if you listen to the vast majority of people you hear on a daily basis. I can’t stand people that bitch and moan about how it’s so ridiculous these profits these oil companies make when none of them can tell you the difference between gross profit and net profit. Sure ExxonMobil has had a record quarter for gross profit but guess who has really made out this year? The United States Federal Government has stolen nearly 100 billion dollars from ExxonMobil collected in the form of taxes.

Which brings me to my next point, people say “well these damn oil companies need to support us they make such a astronomical amount of money it makes me sick” well ladies and gentlemen pull your head from you rectum and realize that ExxonMobil or any big companies don’t pay any tax, YOU DO the end consumer, the CEO’s, the lazy union workers and on down the line are gonna make what they make regardless of how much they are taxed, they just pass the cost along to you. So the real target for aggresion is the US Federal Government, they are the reason your 401ks, and IRAs are hitting the crapper its because of the Federal Reserve. If you think that is rediculous than feel free to leave a comment or send me some email. [email protected] I never get tired of setting the record straight.

One thought on “ExxonMobil The Great Satan?

  1. You are 100% correct. The hatred against coorporations is just so silly, companies don’t exist, companies are merely systems. Companies produce nothing and pay tax on nothing. Workers do the work, customers do the spending and both pay the taxes!

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