You Think Israel is “Defending” Itself? Think Again!

I don’t know what is more sad, the innocent people being butchered in Gaza or the fact that the Jew controlled Main Stream Media tries to act like Israel is “defending” itself.

Here is an article that lays it our there pretty w

You think I am exaggerating for effect? Here is proof otherwise. Now remind me again who are the terrorists of the middle east?
The mother has been wounded by the IDF, she clings to her son in her last moments on earth.

She tells her son she is dying but he is in agony and disbelief.

His mother dies and he is swallowed by anguish.

So in the end who is to blame when this child takes up arms against Israel?

3 thoughts on “You Think Israel is “Defending” Itself? Think Again!

  1. Talk about manipulation. With news media the truth is hidden by what you dont show.
    What if the whole string of events included that innocent woman throwing stones at soldiers?
    What if the truth was that she was a willing human shield behind which a palistinian was taking pot shots at israelis?

    Be careful that you bias doesnt led you to be manipulated.

  2. I agree with you, that you really don’t know the story that goes on. The point of this story is that Israel goes on these ethnic cleansing raids into Gaza against a democratically elected government and the whole world sees it through Israel’s eyes which is very biased form of journalism.

    I also wanted to open peoples eyes to see that there are always two sides of every coin, and who could blame this child in 10 years for his hatred of Israel and the US. I know I can’t.

  3. the fact is the Israel is suppressing the Palestinians and of course they will not just do so without fighting back. This entire conflict is worsened by other nations such as the United States fueling the fire. The sad part is the biggest losers are the innocent citizens who are just trying to survive.

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