The Murder of Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsome

Courtroom Transcripts Here

Knoxville, TN — In January, 2007, two young White people, Shannon Christian and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsome were found murdered in Knoxville, TN

Police investigators determined that Shannon and Christopher had been carjacked. Police say the carjackers took Shannon and Christopher to a local house, repeatedly gang raped BOTH the girl and her boyfriend; raping the guy in front of the girl and vice-versa!

After hours of gang raping him, the perpetrators took the young man out to nearby railroad tracks where he was shot and his body set on fire. His dead body was found on the railroad tracks.

The perpetrators then went back to the house and continued to gang rape the girl. When they were done, they poured cleaning fluid into her orifices – to destroy DNA – then stuffed her into five garbage bags and left her body in the garbage can.

So brutal was the repeated gang raping and oral sodomizing that the Medical Examiner found the rapists had torn the membrane that connected the girl’s bottom lip to her lower gums of her mouth!

Black-on-White, but NOT a “Hate Crime?”

Four Black males and one Black female were arrested in connection with the case. Despite the clearest implications of this being a Black-on-White hate crime, the perps were NOT charged with a hate crime.

This fact spawned protest rallies in Knoxville, one of which I attended. Coverage of the story on this blog made national news when I appeared on “Paula Zahn Now” on CNN. (Video Below)

Lawyers for at least one defendant filed a motion in federal district court for a Change of Venue and cited THIS BLOG as one of the reasons they were seeking to move the case. The Federal District Court for the eastern District of Tennessee DENIED that request. The court papers mentioning me by name are available Here

Lawyers want the Internet Silenced too!

Having failed to get the case moved, the perps were forced to go to trial in Knoxville. But the lawyers didn’t stop with their nonsense.

In a motion filed with the courts this week, the lawyers are demanding that Internet web sites be FORBIDDEN from allowing anonymous comments about the case to appear online!

They claim that anonymous comments – especially those which comment about the racial aspects of the case – are interfering with the Defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights to a fair trial. The lawyers claim they cannot find a Juror anywhere in Tennessee who hasn’t read or heard about the case!

Maybe if their clients weren’t brutal murderer’s they wouldn’t have this problem!

The courts have yet to rule on whether or not YOUR free speech might be curtailed so the murderer can get a fair trial, but rest assured whatever the court ruling, THIS BLOG will allow anonymous comments.

If need-be, I will re-install my own server at a data center, beyond the reach of Tennessee Courts and Google “Blogger” Terms of Service, so the public will continue to have a place to speak.

Update Here 5/20/09
Live Feed From The Trial

46 thoughts on “The Murder of Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsome

  1. I have been sick of this shit for years. Black people can assault honest hard working white people and it is not considered a hate crime. I grew up in tuscaloosa, alabama. Where you have to step aside in the malls to allow blacks to walk on the wrong side of the walkways. It’s like the white man has no rights.
    what happened to these two kids should have never happened. The barbaric nature of this crime is just deplorable.
    What do we have to do to stop this ? take the law into our own hands ! Let them know that the white man is not afraid !!Let them know that they can no longer rape, rob and torture our kids ! I am sick of seeing black people harming whites. I myself will not allow it anymore, even iof it costs me my life. Stand up america !!!

  2. I think we should hang them…. If we would bring that back, I don’t belive they would try this ignorant stuff. It makes me sick at my stomach to look at these people and know that my tax dollars are keeping them up.. Paying for their cable tv, and their air condition… Ill bet all the money I have that they will all get off of there charges.. and I hope when they walk out of that jail someone shoots them in the face! Okay God says “vengince is mine” I belive he will see what punishment they deserve…

    • To hell with the KKK how bout all the good black people that died by trash white people yes it was sad what happened to those kids but i find more white murders then any race

      • Did u say …yes it was “SAD ” but blacks killed by whites bck 50 to 100 + Years ago … meaning prior to the late 50′ s. .Your Validating advacating to accept the acts as retribution towards the White Race a huge percentage of Black individual’s are marching to yhe same drumbeat monkeyfucks see any indians irish catholics chinese germans jewish japanese attempting to incite a repeat of the past … Those all lived thru periods of poverty ideology social segregations slaughtering of men women & children attrocities tortures armed conflicts a million times greater degrees and like ALL HUMAN BEINGS , NOBODY ‘S GONNA ALLOW U SICKIGNORANT MONKEYS TO SELL YOUR EXCUSE AND IDLE BY ALLOWING THE REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY STRATEGY TO EXCUSE … YOUR ALL ABOUT TO BE SLAUGHTERED THE MOMENT YOUR NERVE CONFIDENCE CUTS A CHECK YOUR BLACK ASS TRIED TO CASH

  3. The MAIN FACT of the Conviction is that the people involved MURDERED two innocent people-BRUTALY! The only option after a conviction on the part they played should be a Death Penalty(AND IT SHOULD BE FOLLOWED THROUGH). If it were your child be it Black or White, wouldn’t you want JUSTICE Served?

  4. I think this trial should be started and move on. Quit using up time that they took away from two innocent people and finish up the verdict. They are Guilty of MURDER and it’s taking too long for Justice to be served.

  5. I look at my son and I know I would do life for him, and I would personally kill each and everyone of them may not be able to sleep at night after it, but I guess that’s because i’m white.

  6. Why is this trial not getting the media attention that it deserves? Is it because it was a black on white crime? If five white people would have raped and killed two black people it would be all over the national news. Jessie Jackson would marching in the streets demanding justice. Where is Jessie at now.

  7. Everyone should check out the latest information on this case. They have still not gone to trial. The defense attorneys are arguing now the “RIGHTS” of their clients and that too many of the photos of the crime scene are just too HORRIFIC for a jury to see; therefore, they have removed the most vicious, cruel, torturous, gruesome photos of what actually happened because it is “UNFAIR” to the murder suspects. The parents of the victims are almost to the point of a breakdown. The father of the girl inhumanely and brutally tortured, sexually assaulted and murdered is visibly, physically shaking with anger and injustice after each one of these preliminary hearings for the suspects’ “RIGHTS”. The defense says the photos will “sway” the jury. OF COURSE IT WILL!!! To see the ACTUAL photos of what those animals did to these victims would sicken any normal human being.

    The parents cannot believe their murdered children are now being victimized by the judicial system that is supposed to serve the public. Long gone are the days of justice. It is all about political and legal loopholes. There is not any punishment that could possibly be given to these suspects that would be 1% as cruel as what they did to these beautiful young adults.

    The media STILL is sweeping this under the rug. You do have to ask yourself if the races were reversed and this was a white on black crime if the media would have silenced this tragedy and if the streets would have not been flooded with huge “religious (Jesse and Al), racial and political” OUTRAGE. Why doesn’t anyone care or speak up on this? Because the media doesn’t want to touch this because it is considered “taboo” to actually believe that another race would commit a hate crime. If suspects had been white punks and the victims a beautiful, young, successful, innocent black couple, the suspects would be cruicified by the media and the public before it went to trial. There would be so many shows on the background of every one of the suspects and every error they ever made in their life put out on the clothesline for everyone to see to show what bad people they are.

    I cannot believe this case. I am just sickened over it.

    • Very well put. Thank you for taking the time to update us.
      I feel for the victims and their families and hope they can one day move pass this nightmare.
      I hope the death penalty is offered because they surely don’t deserve to live after committing such a horrific act.

  8. You wanna know why the media isn’t all over this?? Because black thugs are killing people ALL THE TIME! I live in Indianapolis where you see a murder every day on the news, and nine times out of ten, it’s a black suspect. I’m sure Knoxville is the same way. It is getting to be so common to see blacks killing people, no matter what race they are. Yes, this crime was taken further, way too far, by sodomizing the young man and brutally gang raping the young woman. At least it’s out here on the internet, so some of the population knows what happened.

  9. The murder trials of Channon Christian and Chris Newsome start Aug.12. Knoxville, TN channels 6 & 10 will be covering these trials. Before it’s over it will be national news. These horrific acts of torture are unspeakable. They must get the death sentence, my conscience won’t settle for anything less.

  10. I do not consider myself a rascist, but if the tables were turned, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all of the others would be in the forefront. Funny, how because this was 5 black animals barbarically assaulting and murdering these 2 respectable young people, there isn’t all the spotlights and where’s Jesse and Al? The 2 young people did nothing to deserve what happened to them. I hope the jury decides just as quickly to sentence these animals to death. The only problem with that is the death penalty is not a quick process. Personally, I think they should all be placed on Chipman St. at a designated time where everyone and anyone can show them the same respect that they did to Shannon & Christopher. I get very discourage with our justice system, but today, partial justice was carried out. There are many more to go. God bless the Chistian & Newsome family. Please try to keep the happy memories of your children in the forefront. I know it is difficult, but it does help. God bless.

  11. This crap happens alot in Chicagoland. Fellow Illinoisian, better wake up….time for CCW!!! We have a right to defend ourselves from animals like this perps.

  12. i don’t no how this father can contain himself, must be his faith. GOD bless this man and his family.remember shannon and christopher, death to the animal’s!

  13. I know the girls father, he is a nice classy guy used to be my manager at a high end dept store in the mall.He used to walk in to the store in his high end tailored suits and he just looks like something out of a magazine, well groomed and polite. I respect him because he is not afraid to say what needs to be said on the local news here, I am not sure if you out of state people get to say what he says on the news everyday live, but he has balls, everyone else is afraid to speak their minds or be blunt but not this guy, we love to watch him interviewed. It is unthinkable this has not made national news like it should, i cant even find it on the AOL news! but they keep showing this dead model but not Shannon, if the killers had been white they would get on the news, what is wrong with our MEDIA, cencorship,, and it is a racist country,blacks against whites, everyone is so afraid of airing the truth anymore they we are now the victims, had this been whites raping blacks they would aleady have a movie out about it as well as lots of rioting. I am getting fed up with our countries Media

  14. This case is absolutely horrible. No human being should be treated this way! Black, white, chinese, even if you are purple for crying out loud. This is truely a hate crime and the perps should be given the same treatment they showed to these poor individuals. Is anyone aware that Davidson was in prison in 2004? Set free and then he goes and does such a gruesome thing. I can not imagine the hurt and pain the families and friends of Christian and Newsome are goin through. No one should have to lose a friend or loved one to that kind of monsterous behavior. I think all 5 of them should be tortured so they can see how it feels. The death sentence should be the only option in this case! JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED!!! A hate crime is never good no matter what race you are!

  15. this case is absolutely horrible the two people that suffered this tragedy did not deserve it. as i watch the news when cobbins trial was being done the father rocked back and fourth everyday and seeing the feelings and the saddness and madness in his face made me think there really is not justice being done what that cobbins gets a fair trial and the parents just get to sit there and then hear a verdict how is that justice? the jury should have been all white maybe that would have got the death penalty for cobbins and since that didn’t happen hopefully davidson and the others will. Out of the whole 5 murderer’s if there is not at least one death penalty then tennessee has a lot to worry about with the public what do you have to do to get the death penalty? tennessee make justice for the victoms not the murderer’s

  16. As brutal as this crime was and is, if it had been white folks that did the crime it wouldn’t have been a hate crime …..and I live in the south and am not black ….just looking at it from a different perspective….. Post it this way due to all the crazies out there

  17. why cant we as people do somehting about this write to new broadcasting station and just voice our opion to people that it would matter what has happen to what we can do as people and what we let the government do to us lets stand the fuck up and do this shit!!!

  18. It is time for all decent people to stand up against evil barbaric behavior with one voice no matter what the race of the perpetrator.
    I was outraged with this case and I am black. No one deserved what happen to those two kids.

  19. this is crazy why in the world does the state of Tennessee not have the electric chair..”because its cruel and unusual” hummmmm i do believe that what those poor young innocent human beings had to go through 4 who knows how long was CUREL AND UNUSUAL they even said it in both the trials!! i mean crap im only 19 years old and when i think about all the money coming out of my check going to these monsters to live on a free ride it makes me sick!! and yea dude gets death… average time to actually kill the s.o.b is 19+ years…

    ps so what does them buyind drugs have to do with anything??i doubt very seriously they were but even so what gives them the right to torcher,rape& murder these innocent people! && o im sorry “he had a terrible home life” BULL!!! i had a terrible child hood to my dad held a gun to my mom and i and my dad is a perv. alcoholic… i cry when i see a animal die… it has nothing to do with anything YOU decide ur future dint blame others 4 ur actions!!!
    and the stupid black man showed absolutely NO REMORSE 4 what he had done he dont care he would do it again if he didnt think he would get caught! im sorry if this offends anyone but this case breaks my heart! i pray 4 both families i know they are in unbelievable pain and it will never go away but at least there is a little justice coming out of this terrible thing!!………… I know that someday soon that we all will meet our maker. & i cant wait!! i cant wait tosee those EVIL murderers burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I am so happy I found this website. I am always afraid of speaking up because If I do, then people will call me a racist. I read up on the statistics. Blacks commit more of these horrific and other crimes far more often than any other ethnic groups. This land has become a cesspool for injustice against white people. White people are actually now the minority and are being persecuted far more and worse than blacks or any other ethnic groups have ever been. This is not over!!! It will get worse!!! This is only the beginning.

  21. @ Last comment

    I am glad you have found this website as well, here are some statistics from the website the color of crime.

    * Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
    * Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
    * Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
    * Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.

    Stay strong and never back down from saying the Truth!

  22. I am from Plymouth Devon England ,we are starting to get this kind of crime more and more now in Devon if not the hole of England as they the African start to move out of the city’s,two 14 year old,s nearly got raped in a park near st jude,s lucky for them a young Polish girl came to help the girls but the black male attacked her as he had a knife she fought back he ran off and was caught a week or so after and then i read about a black male cutting the face of a young girl out side the Cuba club on north hill in Plymouth he ran off when she fought back but i don,t think he was ever caught ?. the shop by my aunties home was robbed by a black male he had a knife and got away with the days takings,the shop had to close down after as the 2 girls could not work there out of fear after,the shop in all the years there had never been robbed and i have only ever seen one black male in this area all my life,the African is starting to move from the city’s in to small towns better pickings for them,i am a racist if this is what it takes to fight back and not RIP.

  23. I really don’t think that it is right for them not to be charged with a hate crime. If white men did this to a black male and a black female, they would be charged with a hate crime. Just look at the parents who have to sit there and hear detailed information on what went on and how their children were treated. These men and one women should be charged with everything possible. Why are they not? Open up your eyes and ears! Start defending the VICTIMS not the MURDERERS!

  24. It doesn’t matter what color they are. That shiet was effed up. I don’t see it as a hate crime though. They did it because they hate whites? I didn’t get that, but they still will be put to death. They better be.

  25. @ The last comment.

    The point that is trying to be conveyed is that had this been a White on black crime it would be paraded around every news station in the country as the worst hate crime of the century.

    There is no such thing as a murder that isn’t a “hate” crime. You don’t kill people that you love. Hate crimes were created as a way to target White people who commit a very small minority of crime in order to incarcerate them for longer periods of time.

    Every law that is passed for “equality” always is set up to help minorities at the expense of Whites. I challenge anyone to name one that doesn’t.

  26. The time has come for ALL whites to take back our dignity, our neighborhoods and our safety! For too, too long all of the bleeding heart liberals have codaled, pacified and bowed down to blacks so as not to make them mad. I am sick and tired of blacks and hispanics thinking we owe them something! I don’t owe them a damn thing! I never owned a slave, I didn’t shoot Martin Luther, I didn’t make Rosa Parks get up so I could sit down and I damn sure haven’t held anyone back from anything!!!!! The reason the blacks are in the state they are in is because they want the “White Folk” to give them everything we have…. pay for their housing(Low Income Housing), food (Food Stamps) and transportation. (here in Atlanta ((AND NO, IT’S NOT THE “ATL!!!”)) it is called MARTA.) While we go to work, they sit on their front porches batting flies and watching US go to work! (The ones that get up before 5 pm. The rest are nocturnal!) Get up off of your lazy, whiney asses and GO TO WORK! Stop, robbing, raping, murdering, molesting everyone and killing your white girlfriends babies who you watch while the “old lady” GOES TO WORK to support your lazy ass! This trial has made me so mad that I would LOVE to throw the switch on these thugs! Since obama became “their” president, crime rates across the nation have gone up 25%!!!! You can’t go to downtown Atlanta during the day or night without being mugged, raped, robbed, kidnapped, car jacked or murdered! And guess what “color” the city of Atlanta government is?! My own doctor asked me “Wouldn’t I-285 make a great retaining wall?” I-285 is a freeway that runs in a circle around the outer perimeter of Atlanta. Almost 70% of the citizens inside this wall are BLACK. Shore up the wall, give them all the guns and drugs they want and let them go at it! Sounds GREAT to me. My daughter was watching “Maury” (Yeah, I know!) one day and he had these bratty ass teens on there. ONE of the black girls said, and I quote, “Since obama is president now we can do anything we want to!” This seems to be the consensus among all blacks today. People need to wake up, learn what is going on in this country because it is almost too late!

  27. I can not believe these sorry fucks are still breathing. It is also disgusting how major media outlets refuse to cover the story. It is time to fight back. Do not allow yourselves to be victims any longer. FIGHT.

    If these white hating peices of garbage ever breathe free air again then it will be our responsibility to bring those poor kids some justice. I have a whole lot of rope and there are trees everywhere.. let them SWING.

  28. Black people hate us and openly say so all the time. We whites have sat on our asses and allowed this to happen and when will we say “enough is enough”???? We need to unite just like they have;however, that don’t happen. Not enough Patriots around to support the cause. And yes, I am a racist and it’s because of how they act, not the color of their skin…Wake up people!!!

  29. Open season on white people if your an ass hanging out your pants, lazy, crack selling, car jacking, no taste in music, dropout thug!
    They can’t get a job because they don’t speak English well enough to compete with any decent person.
    We give them all the opportunity we can but they prefer to live in the gutter!

  30. the real problem was the main stream liberal media refused to report on the news and their talk host said very little and dropped it quickly.the public was not told of these horrors and would have been outraged if they knew of this.if these kids had been been negroes the world would have known about it.dont be fooled by foxes oreilly for where was he.michelle malkin was the only one who tried to expose where does the msm report on black crime on whites.

  31. msm not reporting horror is the real problem.they refuse to report black crime on whites so the public never hears of these things.even a liberal would have to get mad about this.

  32. The last defendant, that fugly bitch Vanessa Coleman, has been on trial for the past week. She deserves death. How any woman can idly sit while another woman is being raped, tortured, and murdered is incomprehensible. The house where the crime took place would probably fit inside an average sized home’s living room. She had to know what was going on. And yes, this crime should’ve received more media attention than it has, and it should’ve been classified as a hate crime. BTW, two of the big bad men who have already been sentenced immediately sought protective custody in prison. BULLSHIT! They need to experience some savage man-love, just like Newsom did.

  33. Black / white / yellow or green….these people are animals. SICK SOB’s by ALL accounts!!!!!! They’ll meet their Maker….God help ’em!!!!

  34. my heart goes out to the family, I think about Shannon and Christopher quite often and can’t imagine what they went through, so innocent, To the families and friends that loved them both so, you are all in my prayers.

  35. I’m glad to see people are still posting comments and interested in this trial and its outcome. I can’t imagine the heartache of these parents to have re-lived everything trial after trial after trial. I don’t know if the parents still read these comments. I just want you all to know that my thoughts and prayers CONTINUE to be with you. God bless.

  36. im sickened over this, i feel HOPELESS what kinda animals are these? if its god that made humen beings then who made them? they all should be put in fire amd burn to dead!!!

  37. It’s now August 2015 and it still breaks my heart to know what those precious kids went through, and seeing their parents try to live a normal life! How can they? I pray each night that the Newsome family and the Christian family can feel some kind of peace, only our good lord can help them! Why doesn’t any of the media even today talk about this hanious crime!! It really pisses me off to no end!!!

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