Alex Jones Is A Zionist

There have been many allegations against Alex Jones regarding his rabid defense of Israel and International Jewry. Some claim that he is a Zionist disinfo agent. At first my opinion of Jones was that he was a sensationalist and came off like a used car salesman, however he was very well read and did put out many movies on important subjects. Over the past 6 months my opinion of Alex Jones has changed. I do believe he is in some form a disinfo agent, for International Jewry AKA Zionism AKA the NWO. The article at the bottom is a must read!

The following is a video a compilation of the Alex Jones show revealing his true nature.

This is the article from Real Jew News which puts a nail in Alex Jones’s coffin and seals the deal about his Zionist ties.

Is Alex Jones a Zionist?

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