Revolution Torrent

On November 15 2008 I started Liberty Torrent to do what I could to spread the message of truth, this is still an important mission, although I believe we need to have a two pronged approach to restoring our Republic.

1. We need to inform our fellow citizens of the Truth about the Economy, 911, the War on Terror, the fake two party system etc. So that they can see clearly, act independently and prudently.

2. We need to inform our fellow citizens of ways to fight back. Force is the only language that is very clearly understood the world over.

So if you are wise to the schemes of International Jewry, and their plans for a one world government the next step is to learn how to fight it. That is the purpose of this post. Revolution Torrent will contain instructions on how to make bombs, silencers, instructions to make weapons full auto etc. As with Liberty Torrent if you have any thing you would like to see added to the list just drop me a line.

Silencer Ebooks and Video Collection
How To Open Handcuffs Without Keys Ebook
Encyclopedia of Explosives
1,129 Firearms Manuals
Encyclopedia of Espionage
517 Military Field Manuals
The Ultimate Sniper

230+ Survival Ebooks

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