Banned From Youtube

I have been very dismayed by youtube taking down many great videos. They have silenced several of the massively popular Ron Paul videos like “A New Hope” and “House of Cards”. They have also taken down the informative and easy to understand Money As Debt video on Google video.

To combat this, I have begun to upload these videos to WNtube, a place that does not censor videos. I am always adding videos and currently have 15. Some of them are banned from youtube others are not yet but may be one day. If you have any requests or videos that you think may be taken down from youtube just give me a link and I will upload the to WNtube ASAP.

Banned From Youtube

Please check the above link often to see the videos they don’t want you to.

2 thoughts on “Banned From Youtube

  1. It’s still on youtube in 5 parts I think but I figured it would be much better here all in one part.

    It isn’t available on Google video for whatever reason. Probably like you said it hits to close to home, heaven forbid the sheeple start waking up.

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