David Duke Arrested For Holocaust Denial

Update: Dr. Duke Has Been Released

The latest “casualty” in International Jewry’s War on Freedom of Speech is former Louisiana Representative Dr. David Duke who has been arrested in the Czech Republic. His crime? Denial of the “holocaust”. A crime that is punishable by up to 3 years in prison.

Let’s recap.

Denying the Son of God……gets you good press in any American newspaper, requests to lecture major Universities around the globe, and the respect of every pissant atheist and self pro claimed “intellectual”. Denying the official story of the “holocaust”…… gets you years in a foreign prison. Make sense?

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2 thoughts on “David Duke Arrested For Holocaust Denial

  1. It doesn’t make sence, but what are we going to do about it?
    For years, I’m listening people telling same old stories, even myself.
    How can we make a change? Where?

  2. I think that depends on where you live, in America I believe the shit is going to hit the fan pretty hard and as long as you, your friends and your family are prepared I think on the other side we will come out stronger.

    Any type of strife we have will weed out the weak and purge the system. My advice would be to prepare for the coming trouble and inform others to do the same. If you have more specific questions email me at [email protected]

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