Montana Governor Signs New Gun Law

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has signed into law House bill # 246 known as Montana Firearms Freedom Act I encourage everyone to click the above link and read the bill for yourself, it is a short read and without all the legal BS that usually accompanies legislation.

In my eyes, I see no chance of reforming the behemoth that is our Federal Government. We are far past the point of trimming down spending we need to, like Ron Paul says, eliminate entire Departments of the Federal Government. Laws of this nature are the SOLE hope that I see for our nations future. Utah is looking into similar legislation as is Tennessee. I hope that you will spread the word of these bills around to everyone you know and take the time to write the sponsors of these bills and thank them for their common sense approach to politics.

Undoubtedly this story is far from over, the last time a group of States got together and decided to use their Constitutional rights the power hungry Federal Government decided ignore the Constitution, murdering men women and children in the process. (You think it was different in the 1860’s? Read this.)

History repeats itself time after time, in 1776 we successfully threw off the chains of tyranny, in 1860 we fought valiantly against another oppressive Federal government, now once again it is time for the tree of Liberty to be watered.

2 thoughts on “Montana Governor Signs New Gun Law

  1. I’m glad to see several states sticking up for the Constitutional Rights of its citizens. By doing so, they are allowing the individual to keep those Rights instead of allowing ZOG to run it for us.

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