3 thoughts on “Rot In Hell George Tiller

  1. It is a shame that Tiller never repented of his sins. He had many opportunities in his earthly life to do so.

    His “church” is just as morally blameful as Tiller himself – for preaching a false Gospel that legitimizes the killing of children and procuring aid and comfort to such a man, without holding him accountable for his horrific sins.

    Tiller’s life was one of the utmost spirtual fraud. He believed he could serve two Gods – abortion and the God of Christianity. He evaded prosecution and accountability for decades through his lucrative financial resources, community influence, and political might.

    Tiller is now in a place where he has no appeal, no bargaining power, and no escape. As we speak, he is being consumed by everlasting fire, torment, pain, and despair that no human being has the capacity to even vaguely imagine. The torment is absolutely infinite, eternal, final. All of his cries for mercy are now falling on deaf ears. There is no rescue forthcoming. His time to repent is too late.

    In 2003, Tiller was quoted as saying that abortion was worth going to Hell for. Something tells me he might think differently now.

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