Putin Puts a Stop to “Gay Pride Parades”

The Full Story is available here at Real Zionist News

“PRIME MINISTER VLADIMIR PUTIN WILL NOT TOLERATE that which he deems will undermine the “moral foundations” of Russian society. For on May 16, 2009, the latest attempt to hold a Gay Pride Parade in Moscow was over before it began.

Moscow police broke up a crowd of gay activists preparing to protest, arresting at least 24 of them, including the event’s organizers, of whom, some were outside agitators from Europe. The activists had gathered in front of Moscow State University in the south-western part of the city.

As the protestors began chanting: “We want the right for same-sex marriage!” – Vladimir Putin instructed the mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov, to send in riot police to make the arrests. Putin did allow, however, an earlier rally in the center of Moscow to take place. This rally was made up of a large number of demonstrators from various Russian Orthodox Christian organizations who denounced homosexuality and lesbianism.”