Partial List of Jews in the Bush Whitehouse

Elliott Abrams Director of the National Security Council’s Office for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations
Jeffrey Berkowitz (2005-2006) White House Liaison to the Jewish Community and then office of presidential scheduling
Stuart Bernstein Ambassador to Denmark
Brad Blakeman White House Director of Scheduling
Josh Bolten (2006- ) Chief of Staff
Nancy Brinker Ambassador to Hungary and then chief of protocol for the State Department
Michael Chertoff Head of the Justice Department’s criminal division
Douglas Feith (2001-2005 ) Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
Ari Fleischer (2001-2003) White House Press Secretary
David Frum (2001-2002) Speechwriter
Chris Gersten Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families at HHS
Adam Goldman (2001-2003) White House Liaison to the Jewish Community
Blake Gottesman President’s personal aide
Jeremy L. Katz (2007- ) White House Liaison to the Jewish Community
Daniel Kurtzer (2001-2005) Ambassador to Israel
Frank Lavin Ambassador to Singapore
Jay Lefkowitz (2001-2004) Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council

I. Lewis Libby (2001-2005)

Chief of Staff to the Vice President
Ken Mehlman White House Political Director
John Miller Director, State Departement Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
Michael Mukasey (2007- ) Attorney General
Noam Neusner (2004-2005) White House Liaison to the Jewish Community
Mel Sembler Ambassador to Italy
Martin Silverstein Ambassador to Uruguay
Cliff Sobel Ambassador to the Netherlands
Tevi Troy (2003-2004) White House Liaison to the Jewish Community
Mark D. Weinberg Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs
Ron Weiser Ambassador to Slovakia
Paul Wolfowitz (2001-2005) Deputy Secretary of Defense
Dov Zakheim (2001-2004) Undersecretary of Defense (Controller)
Jay Zeidman (2006-2007) White House Liaison to the Jewish Community

2 thoughts on “Partial List of Jews in the Bush Whitehouse

  1. A valid question.

    If the US had given a quarter of a trillion dollars to the Vatican by all means I would be very skeptical of who sat in Washington and appropriated this tax payer money for the Catholics. I promise you I would write that article.

    If we fought wars against the enemies of the Pope then I would do my best to expose those pulling the strings in Washington.

    That is a major reason I started this blog was to document the things I have discovered in my path to the Truth, wherever it leads me it doesn’t matter.

    Like the banner says “The Whole Truth Is Our Only Goal” and I promise you that it is I have no agenda other than learning and passing on the articles I read and the observations I make. That is true journalism something we haven’t had in this country for a long long time.

    It has happened before and undoubtedly will again where I publish something that contains something which isn’t truthful somewhere in the article and I always edit the article or delete it based on what it is. If you ever find something that isn’t factual make a comment (preferably with evidence) and I will look into it.

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