The Shah Of Iran “The Jews Control America”

This is footage from an interview with Mike Wallace where the Shah of Iran describes how the Jews control the United States. Mike Wallace who is ironically a jew himself, laughs this off and acts like it is an absurd statement.

Let’s anaylze the groups mentioned by the Shah. First he alludes to an Israel Lobby, ever hear of AIPAC? One of the most powerful lobbies in the nation? Next he says newspapers and media, which as you can see in this article is controlled by 5 corporations ALL of them run by jews. How about this article about Jews running Hollywood. Next the Shah mentions banks and finances, now this of course is a no brainer since the family that started international banking the Rothschild are jews. The banking cartel that controls the United States monetary system, which has eroded the purchasing power of the US Dollar by 95% in less than 100 years was started by Jews and is currently being run by none other than Ben Shalom Bernanke. But hell Shah why stop with these groups, here is a rediculously long list of Jews in Control of Non Jewish Groups. Here is a partial list of Jews in the Bush Whitehouse, or how about Jews in the Obama Adminisration? So in light of all this does it really seem like the Shah is exaggerating?

2 thoughts on “The Shah Of Iran “The Jews Control America”

  1. I will not for one second defend the jews but your claim that only jews have run the FED is wrong.

    A Mormon named Eccles ran the fed for 30 years after the great depression. This was a time of fiscal responsibility. There are a few other short term chairmen of the FED who were also not jewish although jews try to claim a few of them were on their websites so who knows?

    There is way to much truth out there for you to have to print untruths about jews and the FED. I believe you just made an honest mistake but since the jew media holds all the cards your honest mistake is compounded. It does seem the jews don’t like to defend their control of the FED by pointing out they have “only” controled it for 40 years in a row though.

    Have you looked into the population to money supply ratio? Jews seem to have 40% of the wealth and are 2.5% of the population. The two major minority groups in the USA, blacks and latino’s are 38% of population and have 1% of the wealth. It does not take a genius to see who has the blacks and latino’s wealth in the USA yet the jew controlled media is constantly pointing to white racism holding down the minorities.

    Keep up the good work. Lets hope we can wake up the country before it gets too ugly out there.

  2. Thank you for your insightful comment. The source I used for the information was the article by Ian Mosley that I ran on this blog.

    I have done more research into Marriner Stoddard Eccles and just as you pointed out, I have yet to find any evidence of him being Jewish. Indeed my original comment was an honest mistake and since Truth is the foremost goal of this website I appreciate you setting the records straight.

    I will amend the post, and any other in which you find inaccuracies. Thanks for the help šŸ™‚

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