The Truth About Glenn Beck

Update: Fatastic new video exposing this neo con.
I almost hate to say it, since so many 9/12 project members who are very new to the “patriot” movement are going to take objection to it. However since this website is 100% dedicated to the Truth and calling out BS any time it is put forth I feel obligated to do so now regarding Glenn Beck.

My original problems with Beck are similar to those of Hannity and Limbaugh although to a lesser degree, since Beck doesn’t shout through the Neo Con Israel first megaphone as often as some of his cohorts. Still though he failed to give any help to Dr. Ron Paul during his campaign. The Ron Paul movement was gaining traction despite a complete and total media blackout which was perpetuated by Beck. I will not forget nor forgive this.

Secondly, and almost more importantly is his unabashed Zionist views evidenced by these clips

What pisses me off the most about Beck is not that he is more rabid in his defense of Israel it is that he has duped so many well intentioned people into following a dumbed down and watered down political movement like the 9/12 project. The John Birch Society has been around for half a century with a proven track record, why does he feel the need to splinter the patriot movement? Why doesn’t he just stand with the JBS?

The answer in my view is simple, Beck like Hannity Boortz Limbaugh etc. are just the controlled opposition. They are on the air waves to give maintstreet America an avenue to vent. Think about it this way, most people realize how slanted and one sided the news is to the left. Now of course most don’t realize that the media is controlled by Jews running 5 different corporations however that has been discussed on this site before. Still if all the news was the liberal marxist BS Americans would simply turn off their TV’s and radios therefore costing the Jews money. So the Jews put up this controlled opposition so that they can divert the well intentioned Americans and send them off on pointless and meaningless wild goose chases while the big issues never get touched.

You might think that is ludicrous or extreme, honestly there was a time when I would’ve said the same thing. Just open your eyes, the evidence you need is there on a daily basis. Ask yourself why did they contribute to the media blackout of Dr. Ron Paul? Why do they all rabidly come to Israel’s defense any time someone brings up their occupation of Palestine?

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  1. Wall Street
    Art students
    9/11 snow job
    Chicken hawks
    Moving company
    Propaganda media
    DNC stealth neocons
    Anti-semitism accusers
    The chosen the superior
    2-3% of the US population
    Extortion blackmail bribery
    By deception ye shall wage war
    AIPAC’s Israel-first dual-nationals
    For profit NotFederal NoReserve scam

    Words are plentiful deeds are precious!

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