Tim Geithner Is A Liar

I don’t know how to put it more bluntly. The man has no backbone and will lie straight the the American peoples face. He is clearly a typical puppet.

In this Digg Dialogg he says that it is important to keep the Fed and monetary policy separate from politics which I agree with (I don’t think we are Constitutionally allowed to have a central bank) however the problem is that the Fed has never been independent of politics. It was created by some of the most influential international bankers of the day in order to control US politics. They print money at the behest of any current President which gets his orders from the Jews through various proxies such as AIPAC, the CFR (of which Geithner is a member) The Trilateral Commission and others.

Not surprisingly he goes on to claim that HR 1207 is “a line we don’t want to cross”. What Geithner means to say is “we can’t have Congress gain more power than the Fed”.

3 thoughts on “Tim Geithner Is A Liar

  1. You are right in every respect. This level of control is occurring and there is a small Jewish community that is ( and has) been manipulating the system for power purposes. There is however a huge error in your approach. You answer is not anger, but hate. Hate comes from personal failure and a man’s own story…not from the Jewish community or anyone else. No matter the oppressor…hate is evil. Your tone and sense is the same as what was generated during the rise of Nazi Germany. It’s very sad. Your target is more accurately the losses in your own family and in your own story. Just as it was in the German community. Yes to dismantling an unjust system….but that’s not what you’re after…and it shows.

  2. I appreciate the comment, although I take it your point about me coming across as hateful and basically jealous of successful Jews is not related to this post but mainly my blog in general.

    First, I actually agree (and have said so on various forums) that people who complain incessantly about Jews come off just like the blacks who complain non stop about the Whites holding them down. Granted this isn’t the case with me but I can definitely understand why you would think that because in some scenarios I think it is true.

    You imply that I have some ulterior motives in calling the Jews to task on the things they have done, which I am unsure what you think that they are. (other than the implied jealousy from “personal failure”)

    I don’t intend to tell my entire life story in this comment however I will tell you that I come from a family where my Father is a first generation self made multi millionaire. Not that this fact alone is that impressive today like it may have been 30 years ago but I have not known poverty.

    Personally I never received an allowance from my parents, or gotten any of the gifts many affluent children receive. I mowed yards and did various odd jobs from the time I was 13-14 or so and saved enough money to buy my first rental property when I was 18. I had owned 3 homes by the time I was 22 years old, 2 investment properties and my personal home. I am the most frugal person I know and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. I have a great work ethic and can deny myself things today for rewards in the future.

    I say all this to say that I have no economic reason to be jealous of any ethnic group, barring any unforeseen government interventions in the private sector I should be a very wealthy man when I retire far wealthier than any of my family, because to this point I have played my cards right so to speak and don’t spend money on myself.

    So for you to assume that personal failure gives me some score to settle with another ethnic group holds no water.

    I want to know the Truth, and I want everyone to know the Truth that I promise you is the sole purpose of the countless hours I spend doing this blog. If you ever find a factual error in any posts (and it does happen occasionally when I site a source that itself is wrong) feel free to leave a comment and I will look into the accusation.

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