Black Molests 14 Year Old Girl Gets No Jail Time

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A science teacher guilty of French-kissing a 14-year-old and quizzing his students about oral sex has managed to avoid jail time, because of a heart condition.

Keith Ogunsola, 44, is a married father and a chemistry teacher at a high school in Ilford, England. His 12-week jail sentence for sexual assault was postponed for 12 months, after Judge Martyn Zeidman read into the teacher’s medical reports.

“Certainly what you have done doesn’t deserve a death sentence,” Zeidman told the English courtroom, according to the Daily Mail. “I’m just persuaded that it would be right in the circumstances of this case to suspend the sentence of imprisonment.”

A jury convicted Ogunsola of sexual assault on a young girl, which took place on Feb. 27 of last year, but cleared him of two counts of indecent assault and attempted sexual assault.

The Daily Mail reported that Ogunsola’s 14-year-old victim told the courtroom, “He pulled me close and then kissed me, and put his tongue in my mouth. I pushed him away.”

According to the Daily Mail, Ogunsola denies molesting any of his students, claiming that he was popular with girls at the Ilford school, and received cards as well as a bouquet of flowers from his accusers on Valentine’s Day.