Is Obama Going To End War?

Keep dreaming.

Obama isn’t going to end this war because Obama doesn’t call the shots. The Jews run the show, and ran the show for Bush as well. Now ask yourself well why won’t the Jews end the war? The answer is very simple because if they send Americans to die fighting their enemies they can save their own men.

As I recall Obama vowed to end the wars in the middle east, yet half a year in and what has he done? Ramped up the efforts sending more Americans to die, while the country is going broke, the border is wide open, and the military industrial complex continues to rape our coffers. Luckily the jews have a secret weapon in the Fed who will print endless money to bail out their own jewish run banks, and continue to finance these endless wars until the Israeli puppet state AKA the US, reaches hyper inflation and total civil unrest. Then what do the parasites do? Easy find another host, the same thing they have done since the dawn of time.

Here is the article where Obama is seeking another 20,000 troops for the wars, while he has already sent 21,000 more than Bush since he has been elected. You had your chance America to end these wars and work on saving the Constitution. His name was Ron Paul.