Why I Do Not Trust Glenn Beck

By Devvy Kidd

Fox’s $50 million dollar man.

Rupert Murdoch is a zealot for one world government. Murdoch is Beck’s boss.

Formerly CNN’s mouth piece.

I have actually received death threats from looney birds telling me to “lay off” Glenn. “He’s the best thing Ameria has going for us.”

This stems from questions I asked in my column: Thomas Paine video: falsehoods and propaganda


These are three very short video clips. Right out of Beck’s own mouth:

“It took me about a year to hate the 9/11 families.”

Yes, he said that and wants them to shut up.

Glenn Beck: “I hate 9/11 victims families for asking questions”


A few severe cuss words here… I wish people wouldn’t do it, but they do:

From Judge Andrew Napolitano. 3:20 seconds.

Listen to Beck’s take on the same issue:

This is taken from Rense, in case the article is removed.

One thought on “Why I Do Not Trust Glenn Beck

  1. The Five Dancing Israelis arrested on 9/11 in NYC
    now demand
    The United States start & fight more wars for Israel.

    Ventura Sheehan Perot Paul Nader McKinney Kucinich Kaptur Gravel Gonzalez Clemente Choate Carter Baldwin Anderson

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