My Thoughts on Fox’s Spin of the Charlie Sheen Barack Hussein Interview

As is typical of any MSM organization, they spin the story a certain way to avoid telling the whole truth. Ironically Bill O’reilly whose show is centered around “no spin” (note Fox News has the only spinning logo on TV) once again misdirects people so they don’t see the bigger picture. In this clip you can see Bill and Geraldo attacking Charlie Sheen as a person but they don’t even address the evidence that Sheen brought forth. They just write it off, and undoubtedly many fat brainwashed Americans eat it up. I would encourage anyone who reads this to refute any point brought up in Charlie Sheen’s “interview” which can be read in it’s entirety here. They go on to say that this is left wing hype and that Sheen is risking his career, the latter of which might be true. Two things should be analyzed here.
1. If this were left wing propaganda why would Sheen (a liberal) even talk about this while a liberal sits in the White House?
2. This is a dangerous move for Sheen career wise, why would he do it unless he was convicted?

The fact of the matter is that the evidence can’t be refuted, explained or denied. Trust me I was the biggest skeptic of 9/11 imaginable years ago when I first heard of this stuff I thought it was some left wing terrorist sympathizing nut jobs who hated Bush. However I kept an open mind and independently looked through the evidence and spent countless hours watching videos, and reading reports. I hope you will take the time and do the same, 9/11 is just the beginning of the rabbit hole.

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