Status Report

This is the first time I have felt the need to write any sort of status report.  We reached the 50,000 visitor milestone within 2 years which to me far surpasses what I ever though this website would become.  Truthfully we have probably had 50k visitors for the last few months since I didn’t install the counter until  about 4 months in, and over 30 people subscribe according to feedburner.

I want to thank everyone for making this website what it is today, it is still a small blog but it has grown much faster than I had anticipated.  I appreciate those that click the adsense and have ordered through our Amazon store as well as those who email stories to their friends and family’s and link to this site from your own.  As with most things I owe the growth to you the end user.  I don’t know exactly where I figured we would be 2 years in but I am very pleased to be over the 50,000 visitor milestone I would estimate that over the past 2 years we have averaged 75 unique visitors a day which by an measure is quite a success and I am pleased to now be well into the hundreds per day.

I hope the success of the blog continues but most importantly I hope some real good can come of it.  I don’t put time in this website to make money, or push any agenda.  I put the many hours in this blog because I love the Truth, and I vow to never water it down or shy away from it.  The motto is “Where The Whole Truth Is Our Only Goal” and maybe that sounds corny but that is exactly how I feel.  I have kept an open mind and I am amazed when I look back at things I used to believe and arguments I used to take up because I just spouted of propaganda (usually neo-con propaganda).  If you ever have a story that you would like to see on this website the best way is to email me at [email protected]

Thanks again for all your help and support, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t continue to put the hours in reading the articles and trying to improve the site.  As I’ve said my goal for this website is to make the Truth accessible, once you know the Truth it is your turn to act.  Acquiring the knowledge is only a small part of the battle.