Jewess Sues Google Because Blogger Called Her A Skank

It’s typical that washed up celebrities (term used rather loosely here) lash out all over the place in order to find a scapegoat for their lack of success.  Well jew Liskula Choen takes it to a whole new level by suing Google in order to obtain a bloggers name who called her a “skank” a Manhatten Supreme Court sided with her (big surprise).

Ordinarily this would be the end of the story, but quite possibly it is the beginning.  Anonymous the same group who fought the “Church” Of Scientology has declared war.  Anonymous who routinely takes up for freedom on the internet and fights moronic behavior wherever it may be found has decided to add this case to their collection of targets.  First they have created a myriad of blogs which can be seen here (possible NSFW)

I post these because I hope to boost their pagerank and I stand with them 100% on this and hope they can teach her a valuable lesson.   

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