Judge David Carter Moves Obama Birth Certificate Case Along

UPDATE: 9/23/09
UPDATE: 10/7/09 
Update: 11/08/09
Judge Carter Threw Out The Lawsuit

I still have little hope that this will ever move to far forward but either way it’s a worthy fight.

SANTA ANA, Calif. – On Sept. 8, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter ordered a scheduling conference for Oct. 5, 2009, allowing the Obama eligibility case filed by Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. on behalf Captain Pamela Barnett, Alan Keyes and others to proceed.

Carter wrote, “The responsibility for the progress of litigation in the federal courts falls not only upon attorneys in the action, but upon the court as well. Accordingly, the court issues this order.”

Taitz filed a declaration of Lucas Daniel Smith with an exhibit on Friday.

Smith, a 29-year-old American citizen from Iowa, signed an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, stating he “traveled to Kenya and Mombasa, in particular, with the intent to obtain the original birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama,” as he was told previously it was on file in the hospital and under seal, due to the fact the Kenyan Prime Minister is Obama’s cousin.

Smith states he visited Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya on Feb. 19, 2009, accompanied by a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and said he had to pay a cash “consideration” to a Kenyan military officer on duty to look the other way while he obtained the copy of the birth certificate.

According to Smith, the copy was signed by the hospital administrator and contains the embossed seal. As an exhibit, Smith provided the “true and correct photocopy of the birth certificate obtained.”

Meanwhile, defendants filed a motion to dismiss stating, “Plaintiffs ask this Court to entertain a challenge to the 2008 election of President Barack Obama by requiring the President to disprove, in this Court, their innuendo alleging that he is not a ‘natural born citizen’ within the meaning of the United States Constitution. Plaintiffs cannot use this Court to investigate and decide the President’s fitness for office or their related claims …

“Plaintiffs also seek to litigate in this court a variety of vaguely-defined claims purportedly related to a hodgepodge of constitutional provisions, civil and criminal statutes, and the Freedom of Information Act. These claims are equally flawed …”

Jeff Schwilk, founder, San Diego Minutemen, attended the Sept. 8 hearing and reported back, “Judge David Carter refused to hear Obama’s request for dismissal today, instead setting a hearing date for Oct. 5. He indicated there was almost no chance that this case would be dismissed. Assuming Judge Carter denies Obama’s motion for dismissal, he will likely then order expedited discovery which will force Obama to release his birth certificate in a timely manner.

According to Schwilk, Carter, a former U.S. Marine, repeated several times that this case is very serious and must be resolved quickly so that the troops know their Commander in Chief is eligible to hold that position and issue lawful orders to our military in this time of war.

“Plaintiffs’ Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz did a great job, winning some huge victories today,” said Schwilk, adding, “She was fearless!”

Carter requested all counsel familiarize themselves with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Local Rules of the Central District of California in order “to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of every action.”

Carter admonished counsel that a continuance of a scheduling conference is rarely granted and a continuance will only be granted only for good cause.

19 thoughts on “Judge David Carter Moves Obama Birth Certificate Case Along

  1. Only a judge who was at one time a Marine would have the strength of character to do what this one did.

    It is about time this issue was dealt with according to its own merits.

    Throwing smoke at an issue is not going to make it go away, nor does ignoring it make your side correct.

    Finally, there is a judge with character.

  2. The “birth certificate” that you show is a forgery. Notice the two uses of dates in the slash format. Both follow the US order of Month/Date/Year. Both Kenya and Britain follow the order Date/Month/Year.

    In addition, Smith has had past legal problems. In fact, he has been jailed for various felonies. ” Smith, whose background includes a lengthy criminal record and a reported attempt to sell his kidney to a man in need of organ transplant, nonetheless insists that his motives are above board, even if his past looks dubious.” (http://www.therightsideoflife.com/?p=7186)

    So, there is a highly suspicious birth certificate that Smith claims to have gotten in Kenya. On the other side, there is the official birth certificate of Hawaii. Yes, the Certification of Live Birth is the official birth certificate (http://www.starbulletin.com/columnists/kokualine/20090606_kokua_line.html.) And, the facts on it were confirmed twice by the officials in Hawaii (http://www.swamppolitics.com/news/politics/blog/2008/11/obama_hawaaianborn_citizen_for.html.)

  3. @smrstrauss

    The Certification of Live Birth has been confirmed to be a forgery.


    I have heard of Mr Smith’s past, and am somewhat skeptical of it but he plays a very small part in this case.

    You mention that the officials said it was authentic, which amounts to about a hill of beans. If it was authentic why would BHO keep it under wraps, if someone made a similar claim about me I would show people big deal, case closed.

    It’s pretty suspicious that Barack chose Daily Kos instead of his own website to release this certificate.

    The bottom line is, Barack could put this baby to bed easily by just releasing the birth certificate. It’s pretty depressing that cops who did a background check on him are fired. Who knows what his past might turn up? I guess by the time you make it to the White House your to big to fail.

  4. Well then this issue should be able to be resolved quickly with the showing of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate from the State of Hawaii. If this is his place of birth it should be an easy task.

  5. Although I like to see that we can prove that citizen Obama committed this huge fraud on the American people, I am afraid about what it will do for the credibility of the Office of POTUS.

    This puts us back at the same position we were in with Nixon and Watergate.

    I’d also like to suggest that if these claims of is ineligibility were true, don’t you think Hilary would have had the resources to find the truth before the 2008 Democrat Convention? After all she is married to a “much loved” former President.

  6. @above comment

    I don’t think around the world the POTUS is a revered position, possibly a feared position but I don’t think it is held in high regard. Furthermore I think if we don’t find out about Barack Hussein’s place of birth then that will make the entire country a laughing stock.

    As to the Hillary comment, it is my view that politicians are controlled by the time they reach the federal level this is why there is no difference in the two major political parties. Make no mistake Barack was there man from day one and they wouldn’t let anything stand in the way of him being in the White House, as evidenced by their locking the birth certificate.

  7. I, a true america believer, that anyone, with a thought of causing an upheaval in our world today by unleasing out the motivies for discoveries (October 5th,2009 Santa Anna court) concerning Mr. Obama will prove beyond a shadow of doult, that pure evil can take over. Mr. Obama and his past including everything showing the American people that he himself, is not an american citizen, brings out thoughts that are very black, evil and bringing on the Second American Civil War. Oh yes. This is how it all can start.

    Not to metion the fallout in the House and Senate whereas, in Roman history,(whereas The USA Government is truly based on the Roman Government Empire and its energy to form a more pecfect union) repeating its self as the fall of the Roman Empire where by the Roman Senate was put to death by the Roman Miltary Empire for high crimes agaist the Empire . Please remember, blood ran off and down the steps of the Empire Court, from convicted Senators who’s personal and professional involvment(s) were purposly hidden from the citizens and the public records.

    ^To be brought up, in the courts, as high crimes and death was rallied forth from the Roman Empire. The people spoke without fear.This so can reapear in this country as a reminder of the statement “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    These past roman governmental enegeries cycles remain today in our country as well as proof that history repeats itself over and over again.

    So, the current State of, Georgia Judge Land understands this greatly and therfore and wants not to unlease the monsters from the grave, unlock the chains and undo the unspeakable crimes, to speak of and knows what is going to happen in this country of ours.

    The first civil war contains the Black involvemnt to freedom and therefore was brought to us by Lincoln from IL. History now has an involment that brings on IL. again and therefore the cause and effect is that now AFRICA is involved with this movement.

    The Black Nationist will see this as moving backwards and the senate will move forward to open the contuitution again to verify that Obama is welcome and will remain as president and the powers to be to stay in place.

    The White nationist and US Miltarty will see this as an insult. A pure intenional regraud to the Mitary dead and will go forth to bring on the change in government. As in the Roman empire as in the AMerican Empire the energy will repeat.

    Now, the California Judge Carter from his Oct 5th, 2009 ruling, (Miltary trained) has the unlying decession and aspects to cut loose the chains and bring forth a complete understanding from his view point to make this a more perfect union. “We the people”.

    Will american history show courage or contempment? Keeping the course of Obama, Bush, Clinton and Regan to gain our heritage back, or changing the present timeline, cleaning out the wound to say and allow the benfits of growth to continue here in america. Therefore, move on to the next level in this chess game and advance forward.

    These are the most defining times in our lives here today in America. History is being written and we all our apart of this monumental movement ahead in our days as american citizens. I pray for the unleasing of the monsters, breaking the chains bring it on and make this a better country and goermnent for all and lets move forward. The world is waitting our decession.

    Thankyou for allowing me to speak
    Chris Smith

  8. The U.S. Constition lays out some simple requirements for one to be President. A person must be a minimum of 35 years of age and must be a natural born citizen. These are “requirements”.

    Hence, the burden of proof (to meet these requirements) lies with any potential candidate and not with any other person or party to “disprove” eligibiity. Why has he not produced such “proof”? If he has it, supply it and be done with it. If not, he is not qualified. It is that simple. I think we are entitled to KNOW the eligibility or we could have a 16 year old run next time claiming to also meet the age requirements and yet refuse to supply so much as a driver’s license. Sounds crazy, but we, the citizens of the United States have the right to know. It is encumbent on BHO to produce it and cannot be subjectively witheld for any reason whatsoever.

  9. It’s really simple. I, as a U.S. Citizen, have to prove my citizenship status to hold many jobs, or hold a government clearance. I prove it with my birth certificate. You can’t even get a passport without a birth certificate.

    Why is Obama exempt? The job requirements are clearly stated in The Constitution. The Constitution is what ultimately protects the people of the United States. It is up to our courts to uphold all provisions of The Constitution…even the one that posts the requirements to hold the job. Just because you are elected doesn’t make you exempt.


  10. you can’t point to “blogs” as legitimate news sources…just beacause it’s posted on the internet doesn’t mean it’s a fact, FWD: FWD: crowd

  11. It’s funny you mention that since the ONLY birth certificate presented supposedly by Obama was published by who……… a left wing blog Daily Kos.

    Maybe you should take your own advice and do the research on your own.

  12. Everyone is missing the big picture here formulated by the Bilderberg Group (New World Order which is the world’s riches families, Walburg’s , Rothchild’s, Vanderbilt’s, Rockerfellers) who control the the so called Federal Reserve formed in 1913 on an island in Georgia. They create wars, fund both sides and profit. The presidents are puppets who have an agenda to follow by the NWO. Watch Eustice Mullins on U tube if you doubt the above commentary. The O man is a fraud and violates the constitution. But so does about everything else, like our being off the gold standard. The Bilderberg group wants to exterminate 90% of the population. Swine flu shots will be their next move. No one is really safe. Very limited few saw the big picture except the Mayan’s. Never wrong! December 21, 2012 will end this mess. Bilderberg will go down.

  13. If the people realize that our whole system is wrong and contrary to God’s word, and they want a nation with God’s wisdom, God has a leader ready for them. We need not fear “blood in the streets, though we deserve blood in the streets.”

    Sending YouTube of Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRdLpem-AAs

    Charges and evidences, court style, are at http://www.divine-way.com/forgery_evidences_sss_reg_colb_birth_cert_for_obama_impeachment.html

    also at http://www.divine-way.com is a letter to US Attorney for DC, CD Phillips, for Quo Warranto in Donofrio case… it sites 17 things that can be learned by simple identity documents that the president could easily supply.

    Also at divine-way.com are connections to Communism, David Axelrod, his close friend Rahm Emanuel, and president and his family. LP Beria’s “Communist Address on Health Care and Control” fit right in with this administration as do the “45 Communist Goals For the Take Over Of America”

  14. This has not been covered by AP or anyone except for your groups…in other words…it is not real news and is not happening! The judge is all for gay rights…research him! In other words…not going to happen…just wishful thinking! He IS not and WILL not go against the President. Never was going to happen and never will. Obama is the Pres…deal!

  15. Hypocrite! You only post what you want and not the facts! Just as the AP would not publish this insane story, I will not believe it. Be ignorant and believe! While you are at it, shave your heads, get swatzika tatts, and do me a favor…watch “American History X!” It will do you freaks some good!!

  16. alot of good bits and pieces here,history repeats it’s self, yes it does, don’t fall into the beleif that we as americans are so advanced, modern, smart or in control, to beleive that we cannot be slaughtered. I wasn’t there but I beleive WWII germans, russians, didn’t see what was coming, gun control, disarming, now, domination and slaugter.
    I just picked that point in time cause it really was’nt that long ago, they thought they were too modern then I’m sure. As far as Obama birth, ya, show it. As far as conspireiousy, I beleive we are fed a puppet show, see this, get excited,(not what’s going on behind the scenes)”pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” I believe in a higher power, and the bible, This really could be the unfolding of revealations. (pre-written history).
    The some of the jist I get from Revolations is
    two thirds of humans will be deceived by the anti-christ, he will undoughtably be crizimatic,
    speak well, and drum up hope and prosperity. (not unlike Hitler). One of the first things hitler did was register, then confiscate weapons. Nazis killed millions of there own people, as well as the others that we hear about. Even in midevil times people were disarmed. I hate to harp on this but, If people can’t fight back, we are sheep to the slaughter period. As americans if we give up our constitutional right to bear arms, we deserve to be slaughtered by those who took our rights.
    God Bless.

  17. @LastPatriot

    Although I agree with the main gist of your comment. I would like to point out that the Hitler/Nazi gun control story is frankly BS.

    Weimar Germany had already passed gun registration laws and Nazi Germany only passed 1 gun law (1938) which only applied to non citizens.

    This like the majority of the other “scary facts” you constantly hear about Nazi Germany have no basis in truth.

  18. Why all the problem here? President Obama could easily put this entire issue to rest…Hmmm…
    Seems he’s hiding something from the way he’s
    instructed the DOJ to intervene on his behalf..

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