Getting Serious About Retaking Congress

In America today we find ourselves on a precipice, we look back and see a century of continued decline into the depths of marxism.  A descent which has been more aggressive and more open every year.  Now we are to the point where the President is appointing people with known communist pasts.  The upside to this flagrant disdain of freedom and liberty is that people are starting to wake up and look around them.  The Republic of our fore fathers is no more, and that is a sad reality that everyone must acknowledge.  However it is our duty to get it back.

Our country has been run by people who couldn’t give less of a damn about you, your children or your grandchildren.  They are in it for themselves.  You really think you have any pull with what goes on in Washington?  You really think your opinion matters?  Look at the bailouts, 90% of the entire country was against them adamantly and on Capital Hill they took care of wall street and let main street foot the bill.  How much abuse will you take?  How long will you sit by and think someone else will take care of the problem for you and think that you are to small to make a change?

The following is a link that hopefully you are aware of it is

It is a website where candidates who stand for what America used to be, for individual freedom and a severely limited federal government can get their names out there and hopefully garner some support, through donations or volunteering. Today I personally donated to Rand Paul and Adam Kokesh I hope you will do the same. Money is tight for everyone right now, but how much is it worth to you if you could replace 10% or more of Congress with true patriots?

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