How Many Military Deaths Have There Been Since Obama Took Office?

362 in Afghanistan
125 in Iraq

2009 has already been the deadliest year in Afghanistan since the war started.  In fact more men have died under Obama’s watch in just 9 months than died 2001-2005 combined.  As I recall Obama promised to end war but all I can see is severe escalation as evidenced by this article.  He has already sent an extra 21,000 troops to Afghanistan and is planning on sending another 20,000.   For example in 2002 there were 5,200 US soldiers in Afghanistan. By December of this year, there will be 68,000. Not exactly what I call bringing the troops home.

Casualties in Afghanistan

Casualities in Iraq

Where are the anti war protesters now?  They seem to have all gone home now that the man in the White House has a D in front of his name.  Apparently a good chunk of the anti war crowd wasn’t anti war at all, they were just anti Bush.   Big surprise.

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